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Hello React – React Training for JavaScript Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

React Environment :
Getting Started From Scratch
Course Code
Challenge - Using JSX
Code Refactor
Rendering One Element
Outputting Multiple Elements
Babel and React

Components in React :
Creating Stateless Functional Components
Stateless Functional Components Practice
Creating Class Components
Class Components Practice

Styling in React :
Styling Stateless Functional Components
Styling within Component
Styling Class Components

Capstone Project - FriendLy :
Building Your First Complex Component
Setting Up the Project
Building Our Components
Styling Our Components Part One
Styling Our Components Part Two

JavaScript Review - Objects :
Object Literal Notation
Object Literal Notation Lab
Accessing Values with Dot and Bracket Notation
Accessing Values with Dot and Bracket Notation Lab
Section 5: Props

Props part 1 - Stateless Functional Component :
Props part 2 - Class Components
Props part 3 - Color Spectrum Refactor
Codepen Challenges
Codepen challenge 1
Codepen challenge 2
Codepen challenge 3
Codepen challenge 4
Codepen challenge 5
Capstone Project - Image Links
Props Project

Functional Programming :
Functional Programming - Filter
Filter Lab
Map Lab

Iterating Through Lists :
Iterating Through Lists
Iterating Through Lists part 2
Filter and Map Method on an Array
Rendering Two Filtered and Transformed Lists to the DOM
Codepen challenge 1
Codepen challenge 2
Color Spectrum Refactor

Capstone Project One - Refactor :
FriendLy App Refactor with Map Method
FriendLy - Filter and Map Two Lists to the DOM

Bonus :
Further React Learning

React Events :
Useless Note Taker - Intro to React Events
Events Part 2

This & Bind :
This & Bind Lecture
This & Bind Lab

State :
Guess My Age - Intro to React State
Meal Voter
React Forms

Ajax Requests and Lifecycle Methods :
Intro to Ajax Requests and the Fetch API

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