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Headtalker & Thunderclap: Boost Your Social Media Reach Free

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Welcome :
Why Headtalker and Thunderclap Are So Powerful For Boosting Your Social Reach
Which Tool to Use? The Pros and Cons of Each

Setting up a New Headtalker Campaign (With Best Practices Tips for ANY Campaign) :
Easily Get Started With Headtalker. Your First Campaign- Do's and Don'ts
Create Your Crowdspeaking Campaign -The Set-Up and Best Practices
Boost Your Campaign's Impact With These Tips
Make Your Posts Go Viral: Enter the Headline Analizer Tool
Hashtags and Other Tools to Boost Your Campaign: (Case Study) The Final Campaign

Creating Your First Thunderclap Campaign :
Creating an Effective Thunderclap Campaign

Getting Support For Your Campaign: The Give and Take :
Find Your First Supporters the Smart Way
The Step By Step Printable Action Plan: Create & Launch Your Successful Campaign

(Optional) Setting Up a Headtalker Gig to Sell Your Social Media Reach :
To Gig or Not to Gig: Some Words of Caution
What Are the Benefits of Selling Your Social Media Reach and Starting a Gig?
Your First Gig: Let's Get Set Up Together

Conclusion, Resources, and an Important Bonus Lecture :
Final Tips & Tricks Before You Start, Plus My Campaign Results
75+ Resources to Get Free Images, Music, and Videos For Your Projects
Thank You For Taking This Course. Please Review!
Bonus Lecture: Free and Discounted Courses, Books, and More