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Hard Surface Modeling

Video Introducing this tutorial

Part 1 :
modeling the basic structure
building the metal frame
making the power block using VDB
modeling the top connector
adding a frame to the power block
building ends for the metal frame
building internal connectors

Part 2 :
modeling internal cabling
adding additional details to the model
modeling the basics of the centre
adding panels to the centre
adding inner blades for the engine
building the outer module of the engine
finishing the outer module of the engine

Part 3 :
modeling the engine core
finishing the engine core
building the back of the engine
modeling the front of the power module
building the power pins
sdding cables to the front module
modeling the back fins
modeling the exhaust
building the interior details for the exhaust

Part 4 :
modeling the base armour
starting with the environment. Building the cable box.
modeling the platform
building and simulating the cables
adding the top lighting structure
modeling a chair and a computer
exporting and rendering in Octane Standalone