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Happiness & Habits Mastery: Positive Psychology & Willpower

1. Become Better at Solving Life Challenges
2. The Laughter Habit - Positive Emotions
1. The Exercise Habit
2. Exercise Habit Action Plan
3. The TV Habit
4. The TV Habit Action Plan
5. Five Deep Breaths Habit
6. Five Deep Breaths Implementation
1. Course and Instructor Introduction
1. 21-30 Days to a New Habit
2. Why Do You Have Habits
3. The Loop of Behavior - Example Trigger, Routine, Reward
4. Habit Hacking - Replacing Unwanted Habits
5. Habit Hacking Example Activity - Replace Routine & Keep Reward
6. Student Workbook Download Activity
1. Introduction to the Elements Of Setting Brand New Habits
2. #1 You Must Believe You Can Wisdom of Bruce Lipton PhD, Maltz M.D, James PhD
3. #2 Portable Triggers
4. Recap We're Shifting Gears Now
1. Size Matters How to Get Bigger Willpower Muscles
2. Learn to create less stress and enhance focus for your day
3. Train to reach your goals in just two-minutes each day - or just 3 a week!
5. Section Recap Handy Exercises Review
1. Section Introduction
2. Decision Science for Zero Waffling - Make Easier Decisions and Stick to Habits
3. Activity Applying Decision Science Information Now - with Examples
4. Choose 'Leveraged Habits' - Not All Habits are Created Equal
5. How to Stimulate Your Brains Reward Center and Ensure You Keep Your Habits
6. The '20-Second Rule of Habit Achievement and Sustainability'
7. Activity 20-Second Rule
1. How to Experience More Happiness and Joy in Your Life
2. A State of Mind in Which Our Thinking is Pleasant a Good Share of the Time
1. The Science of Getting More Love
2. Become 3X Happier Almost Immediately
3. 3X Happier Strength-Based Assessments
1. Attempt This Activity For Just One Week and Then Enjoy the Results
2. A 2-Minute Miracle to Lower Stress, Increase Optimism and Enhance Confidence
3. The Secret to A Strong Mind that Produces Results
4. Activity to Build Mindfulness Try Remembering 20 Things About Your Meal
5. A Simple Step Towards Being the Change You Want to See