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Gutenberg Block Development for WordPress

Course Introduction :
Getting Started with Gutenberg Development
The Abridged Version of This Course

A High Level Overview of Blocks :
Important JavaScript Libraries that Ship with Gutenberg
Do Custom Blocks Belong in Plugins or Themes?
The Modern JS vs ES5 Approach
Basic Block Architecture
Enqueuing Block JS and CSS

Working with registerBlockType :
An Overview of registerBlockType()
registerBlockType - Title Setting
registerBlockType - Category Setting
registerBlockType - Icon Setting
registerBlockType - Keywords Setting
registerBlockType - Supports Setting
registerBlockType - Attribute Settings
registerBlockType - Edit Setting
registerBlockType - Save Setting

Example Block Walkthroughs :
Getting Setup with the Example Plugin Files
Example - Static Block
Example - RichText Block
Example - Text Alignment Toolbar
Example - Inspector Controls

Next Steps :
Bonus Lecture: Digging Deeper into Gutenberg Development