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Guitar 201: Breakthroughs

Video Introducing this tutorial

Building on Basics :
Building on Basics
Chord Flow 1
Chord Flow 2
Chord Flow 3: How to Practice
All Along the Strum Patterns
Thumbthing 1
Thumbthing 2
Slash Chords
Barre Chord Tips
Left Hand Mutes
Left Hand Mutes in Motion
Right Hand Mutes
Right Hand Mutes in Motion
Sussing Sus Chords
Sus in Motion
Sussing Barre Chords
Picked Arpeggios
Picked Arpeggios in Motion

Chord Vocabulary :
Chord Vocabulary
Chord Vocab: Majors
Chord Vocab: Minors
Chord Vocab: Dom7
Chord Vocab: Min7
Chord Vocab: Maj7
Working on a Riff
Spotlight Riff
Ringing Riff
Chord with Riff
Chill Riff
Alternate Tunings
TAB Good, Sound Bad
Power Chord Do's and Don'ts
Clearing Capo Confusion
The Capo Crusader
An Intro to Lead Lines
Chord Tones
Chords Tones in Motion
Expressivity in Motion
Building on a Melody
Recreating a Melody

Next Steps :
Where to next?
Playing Well With Others
Use Your Chord Vocab
Be Tight with the Drummer
Thoughts on Gear