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GUI Automation using Python

Introduction :
Course Introduction
GUI automation- What, Why & How
Creating a VM in AWS
Installing Python in a Windows Machine
Installing PyAutoGUI and Overview

Download the Study Material :
Course Slides(in PDF format)

Python Basics :
Python Overview
Why Python
Object Introspection and directory function
Python's Interactive Help
Type and Len Functions
Read, Write and Execute
What is a task Scheduler
Installing & Understanding Jupyter notebook
Variables & Basic operators and Comment
Data Types in Python
Data Type Conversion
String & String Operations
Comparison & Decision Making
Python Collections- List
Iteration and Loop Control
Python Collections- Tuple
Python Modules-I
Python Modules-II

Learning GUI Automation :
Please download the practice files from here
PyAutoGUI Mouse Event Function
More Mouse Event Functions
PyAutoGUI Locate by Image
Keyboard Control Functions
Browser Automation using PyAutoGUI
Friendly Open Ended Questions
3 questions

Web Scrapping Using Python :
Please download the practice files from here
Web Scrapping Overview
HTML Overview and Element Inspection
Web Scrapping -Part I
Web Scrapping -Part II
Requests Module for Web Scrapping

Selenium WebDriver for browser automation :
Please download the practice files from here
Selenium Web Driver
Selenium Installation & Beginning with writing Scripts
How to Locate Elements
More lectures
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