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Udemy gRPC [Node.js] MasterClass: Build Modern API & Microservices

Video Introducing this tutorial

gRPC Course Overview :
gRPC Introduction
Course Objective
About your instructor
Important Message

Code Download :
Code Download

[Theory] gRPC Internals Deep Dive :
Why this section?
Protocol Buffers & Language Interoperability
4 Types of gRPC APIs
Scalability in gRPC
Security in gRPC (SSL)
Section Summary - why use gRPC
Quiz on gRPC
5 questions

[Hands-On] gRPC Project Overview & Setup :
Install Node.js and VS Code IDE
Command to Generate code in Protocol Buffers
Setup gRPC Node.js Project - Create Service and Code Generation
Server Setup and Running It
Client Setup - Boilerplate Code

[Hands-On] gRPC Unary :
What's an Unary API?
Greet API Definition
Unary API Server Implementation
Unary API Client Implementation
Side Note - Install nodemon
[Exercise] Sum API
[Solution] Sum API

[OPTIONAL] Statically & Dynamically Code Generation :
Statically or Dynamically Code Generation gRPC Node.JS
Dynamically Code Generation Implementation

[Hands-On] gRPC Server Streaming :
What's a Server Streaming API?
GreetManyTimes API Definition
Server Streaming API Server Implementation
Server Streaming API Client Implementation
[Exercise] PrimeNumberDecomposition API
[Solution] PrimeNumberDecomposition API

[Hands-On] gRPC Client Streaming :
What's a Client Streaming API?
LongGreet API Definition
Client Streaming API Server Implementation
Client Streaming API Client Implementation
Client Streaming API Client Implementation - Part 2
[Exercise] ComputeAverage API
[Solution] ComputeAverage API

[Hands-On] gRPC Bi-Directional Streaming :
What's a Bi-Directional Streaming API?
GreetEveryone API Definition
Bi-Directional Streaming API Server Implementation
Bi-Directional Streaming API Client Implementation
[Exercise] FindMaximum API
[Solution] FindMaximum API

[Hands-On] gRPC Advanced Features Deep Dive :
[Theory] Errors in gRPC
[Hands-On] Errors implementation
[Theory] Deadlines
[Hands-On] Deadlines
[Theory] SSL Security
Helpful gRPC SSL Node JS Resources
[Hands-On] SSL Security
[Demo] Language Interoperability

[Hands-On] CRUD API with Postgres :
Install Postgres
Install Postico & Setup DB Connection
Setup Postgres Modules and Adding Data to DB
Creating Blog Protos and Code Generation
ListBlog Server
ListBlog Client
CreateBlog Server
CreateBlog Client
ReadBlog Server
ReadBlog Client
UpdateBlog Server
UpdateBlog Client
DeleteBlog Server
DeleteBlog Client
gRPC Reflection & Evans CLI

Next Steps :
gRPC Services in the Real Word
Congrats & Next Steps
Bonus Lecture: Special discounts for our other courses