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Groovy Programming

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter_01 Introduction
Chapter_02 Getting Started
Chapter_03 Groovy and Eclipse
Chapter_04 Objects and Constructors
Chapter_05 Dynamic Typing
Chapter_06 Methods
Chapter_07 Exceptions
Chapter_08 Strings
Chapter_09 Ranges and Looping
Chapter_10 Operators
Chapter_11 Closures
Chapter_12 Lists
Chapter_13 Maps
Chapter_14 Regular Expressions
Chapter_15 Unit Testing
Chapter_16 Practical Session Part 1
Chapter_17 Practical Session Part 2
Chapter_18 Practical Session Part 3
Chapter_19 Practical Session Part 4
Chapter_20 Working with Objects
Chapter_21 Files and Templates
Chapter_22 Object Extensions
Chapter_23 XML and Builders
Chapter_24 Databases
Chapter_25 Metaprogramming Part 1 Intercepting Methods
Chapter_26 Metaprogramming Part 2 Injecting Methods
Chapter_27 Metaprogramming Part 3 Synthesizing Methods
Chapter_28 Closure Variable Scope
Chapter_29 Domain Specific Languages
Chapter_30 Advanced Testing
Chapter_31 Packaging Applications
Chapter_32 Course Summary