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GraphQL: Introduction to GraphQL for beginners

Getting started with GraphQL :
What is GraphQL
Benefits of GraphQL
REST vs GraphQL
GraphQL Termibnology
Github's GraphQL API Server
Using LauchPad GraphQL
Getting Started
4 questions

Retrieving Data with GraphQL Queries :
Your first Github GraphQL Query
Anatomy of a GraphQL Query
Formatting your query
Passing arguments
Required arguments
Your first query using Launchpad
Selecting fields in Launchpad
Retrieving Data with GraphQL Queries
3 questions

GraphQL Schemas :
GraphQL Schema
Schema Types
Querying a Schema
GraphQL Schemas
3 questions

Handling Data :
Using Aliases
Using Fragments
Using Nested Fields
Understanding Connections
Using Multiple Nested Fields
Handling Data
3 questions

Operation and Variables :
Using Operation Names
Using Variable Definitions
Using Multiple Variable Definitions
Operation names and Variables
4 questions

Mutations :
What is a Mutation
Creating Mutations
Using input objects with mutations
5 questions