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Udemy GraphQL & Apollo with Android – From Novice to Expert

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to the Course
How to Get the Most out of this Course

Why GraphQL - GraphQL vs REST :
GraphQL - What is it? Why GraphQL?
GraphQL Who Created it?
GraphQL - Overview and Graph Theory
Demo - GraphQL Quick Demo
Course PDF Slides to Help You Learn Better
Server Side Project Source Code
Android Client App Project Source Code

Getting Started with GraphQL, Server Side and Development Environment Setup :
Section Introduction
Development Tools to Install - Cmdr, VSCode and Nodejs
VSCode Editor Command Cheat Sheets
Understanding the basics of the IDE - Extensions, Keyboard Shortcuts
Terminal (Command Line) Commands Cheat Sheet
Setting up Our First Project
Install NodeJS and Express
Installing GraphQL and Express
Creating and Understanding Schemas
Creating Our Very First GraphQL Query and RootQueries
The Resolve Method - Returning Data back
Adding a Hobby Type and RootQuery
Adding the Post Type
Adding Relationship between Types
Showing Users Relashionship
User Type Relationship to Hobby
Posts Query
Hobbies Query - Adding Fields

GraphQL - Core Concepts - Mutations :
Introduction to Mutations in GraphQL
Creating a User with Mutations
Creating a Post with Mutations
Creating a Hobby with Mutations
Adding a Post Query
Post and Hobby Queries

GraphQL - Types :
Understanding GraphQL Scalar Types - Part 1
GraphQL - Types - Non Nullables
GraphQL - Scalar Types and Object Types

Connecting to an External Database - MongoDB :
MongoDB and Relational Databases - Presentation
Creating an mLab - MongoDB Account
Installing Mongoose Package and Connecting
Creating Mongoose Models - User Model

GraphQL - Intermediate Concepts - Mutations :
Mutation in GraphQL - Updating a User Type
Mutation in GraphQL - Updating a Post and Hobby Types
Mutation in GraphQL - Removing a User Type
Mutation in GraphQL - Remove Mutation - Final

Deploying Our Project to Heroku :
Introduction to Remote Servers
Deploying our Node GraphQL App to Heroku
Using Prisma Playground
NOTE on Apollo Codegen!

Building the Android GraphQL Client App :
Learning Path
About Apollo and the Documentation
Adding Apollo Dependencies to Android Studio
Generating the JSON Schema File
Android Apollo Project File Structure
Setting up Apollo Project and Getting GraphQL Data
Fetching More Data and Showing on the Screen
Setting up Android Client's App User Interface - Row Cell
RecyclerView Adapter
Finalizing Our Recyclerview Adapter
RecyclerView Adapter - Final
Showing List of Users on Screen
Creating UI for Details Screen
Passing Data to Details Activity
Restructuring Details View
Apollo and Gradle Gotchas and FIXES!
Showing Users Hobbies and Posts
Creating Details RecyclerView - Part 1
Setting up Details Activity Adapter
Finalizing Details Screen (Activity)

Building the Android GraphQL Client App - Continuation :
Fixing the User Filtering Process
Hide View if No Hobbies or Posts Found
Setting up Add User Activity
Setting up Mutation Classes
Adding a User
Finalizing Adding User, Hobbies and Posts

Update and Delete - Android Apollo Client App :
Setting up UI for Updates
Updating a User
Updating a User - Final
CHALLENGE: Implement Save Hobby and Save Post
Finish Adding Post and Hobby
User Interface for Delete Mutation
Delete User - Congratulations - Finished App

Wrap-up :
Course Round-up

Bonus - Get My Other Courses :
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