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GraphQL Apollo Server with Node.js, MongoDB – GraphQL API

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Tools and Installation :
Tools and Installation

Modern Javascript Basics :
Section Overview
Promise vs Async Await
Spread Operator
Object and Array Destructuring

Building Graphql API :
Where to find source code ?
What is GraphQL
GraphQL Schema Basics
GraphQL API Overview
Setup GraphQL Server
GraphQL Playground Overview
GraphQL Resolvers and Type Modifier
User and Task Schema/TypeDefs
Task List Query Resolver
Field Level Resolver
Get Task By Id Query
Get Users List and Get User By Id Query
Create Task Mutation
Modularize Resolvers
Modularize Schema ( Schema Stiching )
MongoDB Connectivity
User and Task Mongoose Schema
Signup Mutation
Custom Date Scalar Type
Authentication: Login Mutation
Resolver Context
Verify Token and Set Auth Context
Combine Resolver/ Resolver Middleware
UPDATING: Get User By Id
UPDATING: Create Task Mutation
UPDATING: List Task and Get Task By Id
Update/Modify Task Mutation
Delete Task Mutation
Offset Limit Pagination ( Task List )
Offset limit Pagination Vs Cursor Based Pagination
Cursor Based Pagination ( Task List )
Data Loaders- What and Why
Implementing Data Loaders
User Subscription
Format GraphQL Error Response and Query Variables Overview