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Udemy Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn GREAT Design

Video Introducing this tutorial

Important! The Course Guide & Downloadable .Zip File! :
IMPORTANT! The Course Guide, Overview & Downloadable Resources
Exclusive Student Facebook Group - Post projects and join the discussion!

NEW! Lessons - How to Become a Graphic Designer :
What is Graphic Design? What Type of Projects Will I Do?
The Step-by-Step Process of Becoming a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design Theory :
The Anatomy of Typography
Different Type Styles
Detailed Review and History of Serif Fonts
Detailed Review - Sans-Serif Fonts
Using Type in Layout and Design
Font Pairing Basics
Design Theory - INTERMISSION
Working with Typography: Headlines and Multiple Word Phrases
Working with Typography: Large Blocks of Text
Color Theory: Color Wheel Basics and Color Harmony
The Psychology of Color
NEW! Color Theory - Exploring Color Palettes
Color Theory - Exploring Color Palettes - Part 2
Color Theory - Exploring Color Palettes - part 3
EXTRA: Student Challenge - Exploring Color Palettes
Color Theory: Gradients, Color Transitions, Duotones and Blending Modes
Photos in Design
Layout and Blocking in Design
Layout Theory: Layout and Design
Layout Theory: Effective Layout
Layout Theory: Introduction to Grids in Design
Layout Theory: A Detailed Guide To Grids in Design
Layout Theory: Design Themes on multiple pages/panels
Small Design Details Matter In Design: Texture, Drop Shadows, Layering and Light
Let’s Get Technical: Color Profiles, Sizes and Bleed

Adobe Photoshop Introduction and Tools :
Introduction to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
Photoshop Introduction and Setup
Introduction and Setup - Part 2
Introduction and Setup - Part 3
Photo Editing Basics
Photo Editing Basics - Part 2
Duotones and Gradients
Cutting out and Isolating Objects
Cutting out and Isolating Objects - Part 2
The Amazing Content Aware Tool
Spot Healing Brush Tool
Layering Masks

Photoshop Editing and Manipulation - Intermediate Skills :
Changing Hair Color
Changing Object Color
Photo Manipulation - Advanced Techniques
Photo Manipulation - Advanced Techniques - Part 2 - Liquify Tool
NEW! Non-destructive Editing Part 1
NEW! Non-destructive Editing - Part 2
Student Question: How to use Warp Tool for 3-D Mock-ups

Photoshop Projects - YouTube Thumbnail :
Create a Dynamic Youtube Thumbnail
Dynamic Youtube Thumbnail - Part 2

Photoshop Project - Book Cover Design :
Discovering Your Concept
Our Cover Idea
Photo Editing
Non-destructive Editing (A review)
Spine, Bleed and Exporting

EXTRA SECTION: 2019 Adobe Updates Overview! and 10 Tips from A Pro Designer :
EXTRA! 2019 Updates to The Adobe Creative Cloud
10 Quick Tips from a Pro Designer
Bonus Tip: Infographics

Adobe Illustrator Introduction and Basic Tools - The Tracing Worksheet :
Basic Introduction and Dashboard Setup
Vector Tracing Worksheet - Creating Simple Shapes
Vector Tracing Worksheet - Creating Complex Shapes
Master the Pen Tool
Pen Tool Practice
Pen Tool Practice - Part 2
Shape Builder Tool
Offset Path Tool
Offset Path Tool with Text
Vector Illustration Project
Extra Page: Grids and Pixel Art

NEW - Vector Space Badge Project :
Getting Started - Vector Tracing Our Rocket
Vector Tracing Our Rocket - part 2
The Smoke Details - Adding Shadows
Final Details

(Optional) Introduction To Affinity Designer - An Adobe Illustrator Alternative :
Affinity Designer Introduction
The Pen Tool and Other Tool Differences
Using Personas
Shape Builder Tool Alternative in Affinity Designer

Logo Design & Branding Theory :
Characteristics of Solid Logo Designs
Logo Inspirations
Mood Boards

Adobe Illustrator Project - Develop a Logo and Branding Package :
Design A Branding Package (Part 1)
Design A Branding Package (Part 2)
Design A Branding Package (Part 3)
Design A Branding Package (Part 4)
Design A Branding Package (Part 5)
Business Card Design (Part 1)
Business Card Design (Part 2)
Branding Standards Manual - Part 1
Branding Standards Manual - Part 2
Brand Extension

Logo Design Student Challenges: Pick Your Favorite Challenge! :
Create your Own Personal Logo and Brand
Create a Logo for A Mobile Video App - Client Breif
Create A Logo for A High-End Gym

Adobe Illustrator Project: Event Flyer Design :
Basic Blocking
Working with Photos
The Finishing Touches
Movie Poster Design - Student PROJECT and CHALLENGE

NEW! Adobe InDesign - Let's Learn the Software! :
Layout Theory - Editorial Layouts
Layout Theory - Editorial Layouts - part 2
Adobe InDesign Introduction
Adobe InDesign Basic Setup
Basic Setup - part 2
Basic Setup - part 3
Art School Poster Project
Editorial Spread Project
Editorial Spread Project - Managing Large Blocks of Text
Editorial Spread Project - Photos
Editorial Spread Project - Final
Paragraph and Character Styles
Text Wrap
Custom Text Wrap Project

NEW! InDesign PROJECT - Create a Cookbook :
Cookbook Project Introduction
Cookbook Project Front Cover
3Cookbook Project Welcome Page
Cookbook Project - Texture
Cookbook Project - Recipe Spread
Cookbook Project - Masterpages
Cookbook Project - Exporting
InDesign Packages
InDesign - Tables, Adding URL Links and automatic page numbering

EXTRA! InDesign Portfolio Building Template :
How to Use the InDesign Portfolio Builder Template

(Optional Extra Student Projects) Student Projects :
Student Projects
Projects Guide Pdf

Bonus Lecture: What courses should I take NEXT? Discounts! :
Ready for the Intermediate Level Masterclass?
The Ultimate Course Overview: Lindsay Marsh Courses + Discounts

Design Trends for 2020! And How to Create them! :
An introduction + Downloadable Resources!
Typography Trends
Skeuomorphism to Neumorphic design
Hand-Drawn Assets
Movement in Design
Geometric Shapes

Design Trends for 2019 (From last year but still useful lessons here) :
Design Trends for 2019 - Section Intro & Downloadable Resources!
Let's Go 3-D!
3-D Tools and software
Getting started with 3-D In Adobe Photoshop
Design Trends in Color
Gradient Meshes in Adobe Illustrator
Trends in Typography for 2019

Finding Your Design Niche! :
NEW! Finding Your Design Niche Section Intro
Getting Started
Logo Design Niche
Branding Niche
Print Design & Editorial Design Niche
Pattern Design Niche
Package Design Niche
UX/UI Design Niche
Social Media Design Niche
Student Project

EXTRA LESSONS: Create Dynamic Images using Gradient Meshes and Blending Modes :
Section Intro
Gradient Meshes in Adobe Illustrator.
Cutting Out Our Photo
Blending Modes
Working with Shapes
Two toned effect