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Udemy Gradle Essential Training For Java Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Gradle Jump-start :
Difference Between Build and Deployment
Java Build Tools History
Switching From Maven To Gradle
Gradle Features
Gradle Installation
Slides And Codes
Gradle Introduction

Groovy Jump Start :
Groovy Introduction
Groovy Installation
Groovy Basics (Demo)
Groovy Jump Start

Gradle In Action(The Esssentials) :
Gradle's Lify Cycle
Build Java Project With Gradle(Demo part 1: Java Plugin)
Build Java Project With Gradle(Demo part 2: Application Plugin & Properties)
Build Java Project With Gradle(Demo Part 3: Repositories & Dependencies)
Create Java Project With Gradle From The Get-go.
Gradle In Action

Gradle Wrapper :
Gradle Wrapper In Nutshell
Gradle Wrapper

Dependency Management :
Gradle Reositories And Cache
Grade Dependencies And Transitive Dependencies Management
Paramaterization In Gradle Build File.
Dependencies Configurations (Implementation, CompileOnly,runtimeOnly)
Dependency Management

Tasks :
Gradle Tasks (The Basics)
Custom Task Creation
Tasks Dependencies (dependsOn)
Custom Task Creation By Extending DefaulTask Class.
Gradle Tasks

Converting Spring Boot App From Maven to Gradle :
Converting Spring Boot App From Maven to Gradle
Gradle Daemon
Gradle Daemon

Bonus Lecture: Discount Coupons :
Bonus Lecture: Discount Coupons for my other courses