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Google Go Programming: Golang Beginner to Go Web Developer!

Establishing Your Go Language System :
Download and Install the Go Programming Language
Download and Install the Go Compiler

Golang Fundamentals :
Data Types
Integer Types

Golang Variables and Operators :
Modifying Variables
Arithmetic Operators
Assignment Operators
Comparison Operators If Statements
Relational Operators
Logical Operators

Golang If Statements :
If Statements in Detail
If and Else Statements
If, Else, and Else If Statements
Nested If, Else, and Else If Statements Overview
Nested If, Else, and Else If Statements in Detail

Golang Switch Statements and For Loops :
Switch Statements Overview
Switch Statements in Detail
For Loops

Golang Functions :
Basic Functions
Function Parameters
Multiple Function Parameters
Return Function Values
Return Sing or Multiple Function Values
The Global and Local Variable Function Scope Rule
Built-in String Functions Overview
Built-in String Functions in Detail
Built-in Math Functions Overview
Built-in Math Functions in Detail

Golang Arrays and Pointers :
Array Basics
Alternative Ways to Create Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays

Golang Structures, Slices, and Ranges :
Structures in Functions
Ranges in Arrays
Ranges for Map Iteration

Golang Web Development: HTML Basics :
Introduction to Golang HTML
Simple Tags
Fixed Attributes
Linking Methods
Header Tags
Semantic Markup
Unordered and Ordered Lists
Nested Unordered and Ordered Lists

Golang Web Development: CSS Basics :
CSS ID and Class Selectors
CSS Backgrounds
CSS Box Model
CSS Layout Float and Clear Properties
CSS Position Property

Golang Web Development: Basic Website Structure :
Page Structure Basics and Building a Header
Coding the Navigation Bar
Creating the Main Body Area and Footer

Golang Web Development: Bootstrap Framework :
Intro to the Bootstrap CSS Framework
Typography Options
Color Options
Creating Tables
Structuring Navigation
Completing the Navigation Bar
Container Types
Rows and Columns

Golang Web Development: Creating a Website Template :
Creating a Template
Column Adjustments
Sidebar List Groups
Content Area and Footer