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Google Apps Google Script – Content System Web App Project

Introduction to Google Script :
Introduction to Creating webapps with Google Script
What is Google Scripts
Setup Google account open script editor
How to Create a Google Doc with Google Script
Access existing document and add content Google Script
Setup Triggers Run script using Google Script
Run method to copy current content and output as bold Google Script Doc
Change text attributes output different colors Google Scripts
Link more google services into your Script Use JavaScript Methods
Google Scripts Send Email
Google Script Source Code Examples
Google Script Resources

Google Sheets get data with App Script launch web apps :
Use Google Sheets as a webapp with Data
Google Sheet data into local application jQuery
Source Code accessing Google Sheet
OnOpen Setup default buttons Google Script
Get Sheet values into object
Output data from spreadsheet
Source Code output as HTML
Popup HTML file within Google Sheet
Pass data Object to HTML page Google Script
Pass Sheet data as object array into HTML page Google Script
output content from sheet get each value
Source Code
Deploy as Web App
Source Code GS
Source Code Index.html

Portal Gateway Project with Content System using Apps Script :
Custom portal setup Google Scripts
Create Alert with prompt response shown in sidemenu
Source Code Sidemenu response
Setup testing popup modal with content Google Script
Setup user portal entry page
Dynamic Drop down content from Google Sheet
Pass Google Sheet data to Frontend Google Script
Generate home page content from google sheet data
Send data to Google Script for processing
Generate Page Content Google Sheet
Project Source Code Google Script
Project Source Code index.html
Callback webpage builder
Bug Fix and Tweak output pages
Return row contents using Google Script
Add in validation check for email addresses
Tweaks and Bug Fixes Google Script
Deploy as webapp Google Script Application
Code review Index.html
Index Source Code
Code Review Code Google Script
Source Code Google Script

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