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Google AdWords For Beginners and Businesses

Why AdWords? :
I've Made $33 Million Using AdWords

Introduction :

AdWords Overview :
What Is Google AdWords?
How AdWords Can Benefit Your Business
Who Should Use Google AdWords?
What Results Can I Expect From Taking This Course

AdWords Fundamentals :
Getting Started With Google Adwords
Creating Your First Campaign
Understanding Ads And Ad Groups
Competitor Research
Creating Your First Ad Group
Creating Keywords That Convert
Segmenting Your Ads By Ad Groups
Setting Up Billing
Initial Pricing Assessment
Determining How Much To Bid
Understanding Performance Metrics
Creating A New Ad Group For Improved Targeting
Selecting Negative Keywords
Negative Keyword Research
Creating Custom Ad Timing Schedules
Targeting By Location And Device
Bid Adjustments Based On Schedule
Audiences And Remarketing

Ad Extentions :
Ad Extensions: Site Links
Ad Extensions: Call Links
Ad Extentions: Location

Previewing Your Ads :
Previewing Your Ads

Reviewing A Real AdWords Account :
Selecting An Existing Campaign
Managing Multiple Campaigns
Reviewing Past Performance

Advanced Campaign Settings :
Segmenting By Language
Delivery Method: How Quickly You Want To Show Your Ads
IP Address Exclusion
Warning: Additional Considerations
Conversion Tracking
Restrictions By Business Type

Reviewing Another Real Account :
30 Day Account Review

Additional Considerations :
Landing Pages
Campaign Structure