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Google AdSense & YouTube: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction and Requirements :
Adsense Requirements

Let's Make Some Accounts :
Create A Gmail Account

Things You should know and Do :
Tax Information and Pin Number
Common adsense rejection Reasons
Things to do before applying for adsense

YouTube Before Websites :
How to create a Youtube Channel
How to create a Youtube Channel Art and Profile Image for FREE
How to Write Channel Description
How to upload Your First Youtbue Video
How to apply for adsense using Your Channel and Monitize Videos

Create and Edit Videos Like A Pro :
How to Get Free Music and Edit Your Videos Online for Free

YouTube Channel Configuration :
How to add water Mark to Your Videos for Branding

Video Configuration :
How to add Multiple Ads In Each Video
How to get ideas Keywords and Description for Your Videos

YouTube Bonuses :
How to get Free Views and Subscribers before applying for Adsense

Create AdSense Account using Your Website :
Create Adsense Account
You Don't have a Website?