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Udemy GoLang Concurrency

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction && Foundations :

Install Node
Intall PHP 7.4 ubuntu 19.10
Python 3.8 ubuntu 19.10 install

Concurrency :
The Setup
Concurrency Rant 1
Concurrency Breakdown Rant 2
Deadlock Example
Deadlock Example2
Write Skeleton Application
First Micro Engine
First Dual Engine
Setup the roadmap
Simulate Work Lab Setup
Coordinate Work Engines with Wait groups
Wait Group Use Case
Sync.Cond Example One
Sync.Cond Example Two
Cli Utility One
CLI Utility Two
Quick note on inerfaces
Intro To Pool Excersise
Pool One Exercise Solution
Debug Multiple Clients One port
Solution Concurrent Ports Concurrent Connections
Sync.Map Exercise
Sync Map Exercise One Solution
PM2 Keep Go Binaries Alive!!!
Rant: Connection Pool Vs. Memory Allocation Pool
Slim Connection Pool Part I
Using Our Slim Connection Pool
Memory Pool Project Intro
Pool Project p1
Pool Project Intro to P2
Pool Project P2 Client
Pool Project P2 Server
Pool Project P2 Optimized Server
Pool Project With Sync.Pool
Pool Exercise Github Repo
Road Map From Here
Installing Mongo
Test Mongo Remote Conn & Security
Quick Mongo Crash Course
Redis Install Config
Mongo Connection Module Part I
Mongo Connection Module Part II with Private Repo Config
Websocket Pool Part I
Websocket Pool Part II
Websocket Pool Part III
Websocket Pool Part IV
Websocket Pool Convert Http To Gorilla Mux
Websocket Pool add Public Data Mod
Websocket Pool Upgrade Http to Ws
Websocket Pool Test JSON Msg
Start Pure Go Websocket Client
Finish Non TLS Websocket Client
Start TLS Websocket Client & Server
Upgrade WSServer to TLS add UUID
Finish Websocket Server Client TLS Upgrade
Websocket Client Pool Part I
Websocket Client Pool Part II
Dead Audio Next 5 Videos Listen To your favorite Music
AsyncQ Public Module
Redis Part I
Redis Part II
Redis Part III
Tie Redis Websocket Asycq Together
AUDIO BACK!!! -> Redis To Public Mod Tie 3 Players Together
Continue to Tmux Project

The Go Tmux Project :
Coming Tmux Project
Tmux Part I
Tmux Part II
Tmux Part III
Tmux Part IV

Basic Context 101 :
Context Done 001
Context Done TODO & Background
Context Deadline

Channels && Wait Group && Go Func Exercises :
Mutliple File GZip Excercise
Wait Group Word Count Part I
Wait Group Word Count Part II
Basic Channels Exercise 001
Channels 002
The Ominous ok
Closed Channels with ok and read
Channel 005 Defer Channel Close and Range pattern
channels 006 Simulate sync.Cond with channels
Channels 007 Safe Cleanup Closing Pattern
Watch out for nil value on closed channel
channels 008 Unblocking and Blocking Behavior
channels 009 Buffered Channels 2Poc
channels 010 Range Example
Channels 011 Chart and Examples
Channels 012 Unblocking Select

Websockets / Redis & Mongo Exercises :

Mongo Node Command Interpreter Project
Generate Fake Data
Mongo Proj Start
Mongo Proj: Test Connection Server-Side
Polish Off Mongo Proj Server Skeleton
Start Client
Deprecation Warning Fix
Continue Mongo Client Interpreter
First Command From Client To Server
Finish insert-from-file Command
insert-many command
find (all) command
foreach command
Count command
skip command
JSON Placeholder Data for Sort Command
Sort Command
Limit Skip Sort
find-one-int & find-one-str commands
more mock data
$ne operator
$lt operator
$gt, $lte, $gte operators
$gt, $lt, $gte, $lte, with strings and combining them.
find-with-obj-sort -- Find and Sort Command
find-with-obj-filter Add a projection based command
USING GT and LT with Dates && Filter
find-with-obj-filter-sort FindObj FilterObj SortObj Command
$nin operator practice
$and operator
$and with sort
$or experiments
ARRAYS, EMBEDDED DOCS, $all, $size etc.
ARRAYS, EMBEDDED DOCS, $all, $size etc. Part II
Generate Nested array of docs
$regex, $type, more examples
Add new update command
Finish Update Command & Test.
Add UpdateOne command & Test
UpdateOne Practice
Add UpdateMany Command
Add ReplaceOne Command
Test ReplaceOne Command
UpdateOne $set and $unset combined
UpdateMany $exists $replace
UpdateMany $currentDate
Test Combined UpdateOne $set $currentDate
UpdateOne arrays practice with $push & $each
UpdateOne $addToSet
UpdateOne $pop
UpdateOne $pullAll
remove, deleteOne, deleteMany
remove, deleteOne, deleteMany Part II
Aggregation 001
Aggregation 002
Aggregation 003
Aggregation 004
Aggregation 005
Aggregation 006
Aggregation 007
Aggregation 008
Aggregation 009
Aggregation 010
Aggregation 011
Aggregation 012
Aggregation 013
Aggregation 014
Aggregation 015
Aggregation 016
Aggregation 017
Aggregation 018
Aggregation 019
Aggregation 020
Aggregation 021

Modules :

go modules 101
Go Public Module linked to Github
Setup for private github repo usage
Using Our Own Public Module Repo
Sub Modules
Using Private Go Module Repos

Isomorphic Go Exercises :

Go Serving React 001
Go Serving React 002
Go Serving React 003
Go Serving React 004

React Frontend Framework Campanion :

React Concurrency Front End
React Concurrency Front End Part II
React Front End III
React Front End IV
React Front End V
First React App
Starting the Interface
Interface Continued Part II
Interface Part III
Interface Part IV
Interface Part V
Start Routes Dashboard & Authentication
Hookup Router Switch to Components
Navbar Work
useInputChange Hook
Authtication Registration Component Part I
FormTextField && Images
Form Button Field
Registration Form Part I
Registration Form Part II
Registration Form Part III
Recap Polish Off Registration Form / Forward to Login Form
Login Form Part I
Login Form Part II
Login Form Part III
Polish Off Login Form

React Node Backend :


Linux Reference & Systems Development :

Linux File System Structure
Systems Dev - Yaml Reader