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Git Going Fast: One Hour Git Crash Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction and Overview :
Promo Video
Key Concepts
Introduction and Key Concepts
6 questions

Setup and Configuration :
Setup Overview
Installing Git for Windows
Installing Git on a Mac via the Command Line
Gitting Help
Help Commands
Git Configuration
Configuration Commands
Setup and Configuration
2 questions

Working with Git Locally :
Starting Fresh
Starting with an Existing Project
Starting Commands
The First Commit
First Commit Commands
Working Locally, Part 1
Working Locally, Part 2
Working Locally Commands
Gitting Historical
Removing Files
Moving Files
Ignoring Files
History and File Management Commands
Working with Git Locally
8 questions

Going Remote :
Setting Up SSH Authentication
SSH Authentication Commands
Collaborating with Others -- Git Remotes and GitHub
Git Remote Commands
Going Remote
6 questions

Updates and Errata :
Git Mac OS X Updates
2 pages

Conclusion :
Parting Words
Additional Resources
Bonus: Exclusive Student Discounts