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Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome! :
Course Overview

Git Essentials :
What is Git?
See Git in Action
Git Your Hands Dirty
Setup Your GitHub

Intro to Node.js & NPM :
The Need for Automation and Organization
Node.js Introduction
NPM Introduction

Gulp Essentials :
Gulp Introduction
Gulp and PostCSS

CSS Architecture :
CSS File Architecture
What is BEM?
Complete Two Blocks

Gulp Timeout :
What is Browsersync?
Organizing our Gulpfile.js File
Gulp Error Handling

Mobile-first Essentials :
What does "Mobile-first" Mean?
Responsive Images
Tips for Testing Responsive Images

Let's Build! :
Creating Reusable Blocks
Headline Block
Column Layout Block
Attention to Detail (Part 1)
Attention to Detail (Part 2)

Git Timeout :
Git Branches

Building "Our Features" Section :
Styling Our Features (Part 1)
Styling Our Features (Part 2)

Building "Testimonial" Section :
Styling Testimonials (Part 1)
Styling Testimonials (Part 2)
Styling Testimonials (Part 3)

Gulp Timeout (Automated Sprites) :
Automatic Sprites with Gulp (Part 1)
Automatic Sprites with Gulp (Part 2)
Automatic Sprites with Gulp (Part 3)

Let's Finish Styling our Site :
Styling our Footer
Styling our Header (Part 1)
Styling our Header (Part 2)

JavaScript Organization :
Object-Oriented Programming
The JS Module Pattern and "webpack"
Integrating "webpack" into our Gulp Automation
Tomorrow's JavaScript Today (Babel)

Writing JavaScript for Our Header Menu :
How to Avoid jQuery Spaghetti
Adjusting Our Mobile Menu
Animating Hamburger Menu Icon Into an "X"

Revealing Elements on Scroll :
Revealing Elements on Scroll
Making our Reveal Module Reusable

Desktop Sticky Header :
Desktop Sticky Header (Part 1)
Desktop Sticky Header (Part 2)

Build Our Own Modal / Lightbox Overlay :
Building a Modal From Scratch (Part 1)
Building a Modal From Scratch (Part 2)

Finishing Touches :
Lazy Loading Images for Faster Page Loads
Lazy Loading & Our Custom Waypoints
Support for Responsive Images in Legacy Browsers
Support for SVG Icons in Legacy Browsers (Part 1)
Support for SVG Icons in Legacy Browsers (Part 2)
Support for Flexbox Layout in Legacy Browsers

Building and Deploying :
Preparing Our Files for Go Live (Part 1)
Preparing Our Files for Go Live (Part 2)
Go Live! Deploying our Site to GitHub Pages
Git Tips - How to Handle (and Avoid) Merge Conflicts

Looking Forward :
Job Interviews
Next Steps & Career Progression