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Getting Started with Vue JS 2

Video Introducing this tutorial

Prologue :
A Warm Welcome
What is VueJS ?
Anatomy of an app
Setting up for development
Hello Vue | First Steps
Hello Vue | Form Input
olleH euV | v-model and filters
The Virtual DOM
Reactive Data and The State

Discovering Templates :
Introduction to Templates
Using Strings
Using String Literals
Using Inline Templates
Using X-Templates
Using Render Functions
Using JSX

Rendering Lists and More :
Colored Boxes
A Simple Shopping Cart
A List Widget

Data flow and components :
One way data flow
Two way data binding
A Sales Request Form | Chapter One
A Sales Request Form | Chapter Two
A Sales Request Form | Chapter Three
A Sales Request Form | Chapter Four
Super Button
Rating Meter Reloaded

Lifecycle Methods and lots more... :
A Notification utility
An Image Carousel
An Image Carousel | Conclusion
A Weather App | Introduction & First Steps
A Weather App | Continued
A Weather App | Conclusion
Currency Converter
Currency Converter | Conclusion
Understanding Lifecycle Methods

Introduction to Single File Components :
Introduction to Single File Components
Introduction to Module Bundlers & Task Runners
Using Webpack - The Basics
Using Webpack - Setup | Part 1
Using Webpack - Setup | Part 2
Using Webpack - Palindrome App | Code
Getting back to Vue.js and Single File Components
The VUE-CLI and Getting Started with Eatsapp
Understanding the template structure
Downloading assets for this project
The core app component
Getting data from an API
The Data Object
The ListItem Shell
The ListItemPhoto component
The ListItemText component
The RatingMeter component
Listening to events
The InfoCard component
Building for production
Deploying the app

Building an Address Book using Firebase :
Introduction to the project
Setting up a Vue App
Downloading Assets
Understanding routing in a single page app
Implementing routing using the vue-router
The app shell
The Home component
The ContactListItem component
The AddContact component
The UserInput component : Input fields
The UserInput component : Social IDs
The UserInput component : Conditional styling
The UserInput component : Props & events
The AddContact component : v-model
Basic validation
The AddContact component : Clearing out the form
Setting up Firebase Realtime Database
Update | The VueFire Function vs. Object error
Saving data to Firebase
Offline notification
Preloader and more
The ContactDetail component : Route parameters
The ContactDetail component : Template design
The ContactDetail component : Displaying data
The ContactDetail component : Watchers
The UserResponse component : Using slots
Deleting a contact
Deploying on Firebase

Address Book | Adding Authentication :
The AuthUI component
Firebase authentication
Securing routes
Login and Logout
Getting the user's UID
Revisiting the database structure
Reset password
Displaying errors and messages
Deployment and Summary

ByteCurry | Available Soon :
Coming Soon

Epilogue or is it? :

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