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Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines

Video Introducing this tutorial

Azure Overview :
Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure
PowerShell Reference Guide
Connect with fellow students

VMs Module 1: Deploy Workloads on Azure ARM VMs :
VMs Part 1
VMs Part 2
VMs Part 3
VMs Part 4
DEMO: Deploy Azure VM from Azure Portal
DEMO: Deploy Azure VM via PowerShell
DEMO: Connect to Azure Windows VM
DEMO: Connect to Azure Linux VM
VM Images
DEMO: Create a Windows VM Image
VM Networking

VMs Module 2: Perform Configuration Management :
Configuration Management
DEMO: PowerShell DSC Example
Custom Script Extension
Enable Remote Debugging

VMs Module 3 :
VM Storage
DEMO: Add Managed Disk to Azure VM
VM Storage Limits and Capacity Planning
Disk Caching
DEMO: Enable Disk Caching

VMs Module 4 :
DEMO: Monitoring ARM VMs

VMs Module 5 :
DEMO: Configure Availability Set for 2 VMs

VMs Module 6 :
DEMO: Create a VM Scale Set