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Getting Profitable on eBay Drop Shipping From Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Understanding eBay and The Business Model :
Using This Course
What is eBay?
What is Dropshipping?
Birdseye View on The Business Model

Setting up the accounts :
Section 2 Intro
Opening Paypal Account
Opening eBay Account
Basic Account Settings

Starting To Get Used To eBay :
Section 3 Intro
Sources for Products - Part 1
Sources for Products - Part 2
Listing Your Items - Part 1
Listing Your Items - Part 2
Optimizing Your Listing - Part 1
Optimizing Your Listing - Part 2
Calculating Profits
Creating Your Listing on eBay - Part 1
Creating Your Listing on eBay - Part 2

Handling Your Stocks :
Section 4 Intro
Handling Orders
Tracking Numbers
Inventory Management
Items Optimization

Customer Support :
Section 5 Intro
Winning Customer Support - Part 1
Winning Customer Support - Part 2
D.S.R Detailed Seller Rating
Dealing With Returns

Automation :
Section 6 Intro
How To Outsource Tasks To a VA
Using Automation Tools

More Tools :
Section 7 Intro
Using Gift Cards
Increasing Seller Limits
Amazon Prime
Bulk Editor