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Geodjango Tutorials by Using PostgreSQL Postgis Proj4 Geos

Video Introducing this tutorial

Creation of an ubuntu server for geodjango
Installing PROJ4 - Cartographic Projections Library
Creation of needed media for geodjango in an ubuntu server
Let's download GEOS - (Geometry Engine Open Source)
Installing PostgreSQL for Ubuntu
Learning about geographic database types and geograpy informations systems GIS
How to create a database that is needed for checking in
Geodjango postgresql and postgis database setup
Installing PostGIS - Spatial extensions for PostgreSQL
Gis database types (PolygonField , MultipolygonField, PointField
How to add form into the checkin page to receive the latitude and longtitude in
How to create a Html page for checking in
How to Save the latitude and longtitude information into pointfield using GEOS
How to list the users listed from shell.html to the show.html page
How to calculate and show the distance of the users to a specific location
How to list users according to their distance to a specific location
How to add links into the markers using rich map marker
How to show people within a certain distance and logging into google maps
How to show photos on the markers
How to use Multiple rich marker
How to receive the latitude and longitude info of the users by using geolocation
How to receive information coming from the IP of the user such as their country