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Game Physics – Introducing Gravitation & Rotation in Unity

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction & Setup :
Promo Video
Are You Ready For This?
Welcome To The Course
Installing Unity 3D
Section Summary
Section End QUIZ
5 questions

Newtons Laws of Motion :
Introduction To Section 2
Section 2 Assets
Section Notes PDF
13 pages
Newton's 1st Law
Summing The Forces
Newton's 2nd Law
Newton's 3rd Law
Physics Engine Architecture
Mid Section QUIZ
5 questions
DOWNLOAD Unity Project
SI Units & Dimensions
Rocket Science 101
Modelling Gravity
Back Down To Earth
Air Resistance
Script Execution Order
Making A Simple Game
Finishing & Tidying Up
Section 2 Wrap-Up
Section End QUIZ
6 questions

Simple Rotation :
Introduction To Section 3
Section 3 Assets
Section Notes
8 pages
Unstable Rotation In Unity 5
Introducing Inertia Tensors
Calculating Moment Of Inertia
Parallel Axis Theorem
“Newton’s Laws Of Rotation”
Applying Torque To Rigidbodies
Vector Cross Products
The Magnus Effect
Section 3 Wrap-Up

Making Contact :
Introduction To Section 4
Your Section 4 Assets
Your Section Notes
7 pages
An Overview Of Friction
Static Friction & Critical Angle
Make A Friction Test Rig
Friction Combine In Unity
About Dynamic Friction
How Friction Direction 2 Works
Wrap-up & Next Steps