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Fusion 360 For Hobbyists and Woodworkers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course :
Why learn CAD as a hobbyist or woodworker?
Why Fusion 360?
What topics are covered in this course?

Getting Started :
Downloading and Registering Fusion 360 on a Mac
Downloading and Registering Fusion 360 on Windows
Basic Navigation
Introduction to Lauren
My Screen Doesn’t Look Right?
Lauren’s Beginner Tips
Switching From Sketchup to Fusion 360
Pan and Orbit Without Scroll Wheel

Project #1 Wooden Candle Holder :
Project #1 Overview
Wooden Candle Holder - Sketch The Shape
Wooden Candle Holder - Extrude The Parts
Lauren’s Thoughts on the Wooden Candle Holder
Shop Time - Build The Wooden Candle Holder
Project #1 Resources

Project #2 Battery Organizer :
Project #2 Overview
Shortcuts and Hotkeys in Fusion 360
Battery Organizer - Create The Holder
Battery Organizer - Create The Dispenser
Battery Organizer - Finish the Scoop
Lauren’s Thoughts on the Battery Organizer
Project #2 Resources

Project #3 TV Tray Table :
Project #3 Overview
TY Tray Table - Top and Supports
TV Tray Table - Dowel and Slot
Introduction to Joints
TV Tray Table - Make it Function
Lauren's Thoughts on the TV Tray
Project/Include Operation
Lauren’s Thoughts on the Project/Include Operation
Project #3 Resources

Project # 4 Miter Saw Cabinet :
Project #4 Overview
Miter Saw Cabinet - Cabinet and Shelf
Miter Saw Cabinet - Expansion Wings
Miter Saw Cabinet - Adding Joints
Miter Saw Cabinet - Joint Limits
Lauren’s Thoughts on the Miter Saw Cabinet
Creating Plans and Technical Drawings - Intro and Cover Page
Creating Plans and Technical Drawings - Parts List and Diagram
Creating Plans and Technical Drawings - Wing and Cabinet Assembly
Creating Plans and Technical Drawings - Exporting To PDF
Shop Time - Building the Miter Saw Cabinet
Project #4 Resources

Project #5 Dust Collection Blast Gate :
Project #5 Overview
Construction Planes
Dust Collection Blast Gates - Base and Top
Dust Collection Blast Gates - Ports and Gates
Dust Collection Blast Gates - Finger Holds and Joints
Lauren’s Thoughts on the Dust Collection Blast Gates
Basic 3D Printing Workflow
Shop Time - Printing and Installing the Blast Gates
Project #5 Resources

Make It Look Good! :
Section Overview
Appearance and Physical Materials
Importing Logos and Vector Files

Fixing Mistakes :
Section Overview
Changes to size, shape, and dimension.
Splitting and combining objects in your project.
Red and yellow warnings in your design history.
Suppress vs. Remove vs. Delete

Advanced Tips :
Section Overview
Motion Links
Rectangular and Circular Patterns
Revolve vs. Sweep Tool
The Spline Tool
The Loft Tool
Press Pull vs. Extrude

Course Completion