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Fun with Java! Build Complete Desktop & Android Mobile Apps!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Installing Java and Android Studio for FREE! :
Setting up your PC, Mac or Linux computer for Java and Android
Installing Java
Installing Eclipse for Java Developers
Update: Installing the WindowBuilder Editor in Eclipse Neon
BONUS: Installing Eclipse on Windows
Installing Android Studio
Section 1 Review: Ready to Code!

Build a Hi-Lo Guessing Game App! :
Designing a Guessing Game App
Starting Eclipse
Configure Eclipse Like a Pro!
Creating Your First App Project in Eclipse
Using the Scanner Class for Keyboard Input
Generating a Random Number in Java
Getting User Input from the Keyboard
If Conditions
Running the App in Eclipse
Adding a Play Again Loop
Testing the Game
Review: What You've Learned So Far...
BONUS: Common Errors and How to Avoid Them
Programming Challenge Exercise
S2 Challenge Solution: Counting the Number of Tries

Designing a GUI Desktop App in Java :
Intro to the GUI Guessing Game
Setting Up a GUI App
Installing the WindowBuilder Editor on Eclipse Neon
Using the WindowBuilder Editor
Adding GUI Components
Advanced GUI Design
Naming GUI Elements
Connecting the GUI to Your Programming Code
Adding a Method to Check the User's Guess
Creating a New Game Method
Running the Game
Listening for User Events
Improving the UX (User eXperience)
Handling Errors and Exceptions
Customizing the GUI
Programming Challenge Exercises!
S3 Challenge Exercise 1: Count Tries Left
BONUS Video: Winning and Losing!

Creating Your First Android App :
Intro to the Android Guessing Game App
Setting Up the Android Guessing Game
Navigating the Design View in Android Studio
Adding GUI Components to the Layout
Naming GUI Components for Easy Programming
Connecting the GUI to Your Program Code
Adding the CheckGuess() Method
Adding the NewGame() Method
Handling User Events in Android
Running on the Android Emulator
Running the App on a Real Android Device
Improving the UX
Programming Challenge Exercise
S4 Challenge Solution: Count the Tries Left

Deciphering Secret Messages :
Intro to the Secret Messages App
Setting Up the App and Intro to Strings
Adding Characters and Values
Just the Words, Ma'am :)
Creating a Custom Encryption Key
Review: What You've Learned So Far
Programming Challenge
S5 Challenge Solution: Encode It Again, Sam!

Building Advanced GUIs with Swing :
Setting Up the GUI Secret Messages App
Designing and Naming the GUI
Encoding Messages with a Method
Handling Button Events
Finish and Test the App
Adding a Slider to the GUI
Cracking Codes with the Slider
Review and Finishing Touches
Programming Challenge Exercise!
S6 Challenge Solution: Encode Numbers, Too!

Build a Social, Mobile, Secret Messages App :
Intro to the Secret Messages Mobile App
Setting up the GUI for Secret Messages
Adding a SeekBar and Wiring Up the GUI
Reusing the Encode() Method
Running the App
Review and Programming Challenge Ideas
S7 Challenge Solution: Press to Encode/Decode!

Draw Colorful Bubbles with Mouse Events :
Intro to the BubbleDraw App
Setting up the BubbleDraw Project
Adding the App Frame
Creating a Bubble Class
Using an ArrayList
Drawing with PaintComponent()
Handling Mouse Events
Drag and Draw!
Changing Bubble Sizes with the Mouse Wheel or Trackpad
Animating Bubbles with the Timer
Floating Random Bubbles
Bouncing Bubbles with Collision Detection
Review and Programming Challenges
Programming Challenge Exercises
Exercise 1 Solution: No Bubble Left Behind!
Exercise 2 Solution: Start and Stop the Timer!

Adding a GUI to the BubbleDraw App :
Intro to the GUI BubbleDraw App
Setting up the App, and Adding Transparency!
Setting up the GUI
Wiring the GUI to Your Code
Grouping Bubbles by Checkbox
Review and Programming Challenges
Exercise 1 Solution: Add a Pause Button
Exercise 2 Solution: A Hard Bounce

Making BubbleDraw Multi-Touch! :
Multi-Touch Bubble Draw App Setup
Adding Variables and a Constructor
Building the Bubble Class
Drawing Bubbles with onDraw()
Threaded Animation with Runnable
Testing Animation with 100 Bubbles
Drawing by Touch
Drawing with Multi-Touch
Review and Programming Challenges!
BONUS: Adding a Counter for the number of bubbles!
Programming Challenge Solution - Multi+Single Touch!