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Udemy Front End Web Development – How and Why

Video Introducing this tutorial

GitHub Pages :
Setting up your free GitHub account and creating a public repository
Install GIT and Configure Visual Studio Code
Creating a really basic page

Basic Start File with Media Queries :
Dude Ranch Introduction
Dude Ranch Start
Dude Ranch Design
Dude Ranch Navigation
Dude Ranch Images
Dude Ranch Wrapup
Common Mistakes
Adding Wrappers to a Basic Template

Preparing images for the Web :
Preparing an Image for the Web Using Photoshop
Preparing an Image for the Web Using Pixlr
Creating a Logo with Transparency (PNG)
Cropping Images for a Gallery

Building a Multiple Page Site :
Overview of Multiple Pages Site
Adding a Responsive Logo
Updating the Navigation Items
Uploading to GitHub

Fonts for Websites :
Font Awesome

Responsive Images :
Overview of Responsive Images
Adding a Standard Image to a Web Page
Scaling an Image using CSS
When a Pixel is not a Pixel
Responsive Logo using Photoshop Layer Names
Responsive Logo using srcset and Pixel Density
Responsive Image using srcset and Width
Responsive Images using the Picture Tag and Media Queries
Art Direction for Responsive Images

Responsive Columns using Float, Flexbox and Grid :
Responsive Columns using Float
Using CSS Grid for Multiple Columns in the Header
Using CSS Flexbox for an Image Gallery

Responsive Navigation :
Overview of Responsive Navigation
Styling the Small Screen Navigation
Styling the Medium and Large Screen Navigation
Adding JavaScript for the Small Screen Hamburger Icon
Two Level Deep Navigation - Introduction
Two Level Deep Navigation - Project

Web Forms :
Overview of Web Forms
Best Practices for Web Forms
Building a Web Form
Styling a Web Form
Checking for Best Practices
Common Form Problems

Using AJAX to access JSON data with an API :
Overview of Local JSON data
Loading Local JSON Data
Introduction to Remote JSON Data
Inserting Weather Data into a Webpage
Building a Five Day Weather Forecast Part 1
Building a Five Day Weather Forecast Part 2

Using JavaScript to Enhance your Web Page :
Using JavaScript to Display a Message on a Specific Day of the Week
Calculating Wind Chill
Wind Chill Example part 1
Wind Chill Example part 2

CSS Preprocessors :
SASS Introduction
SASS Partials and Imports
SASS Variables
SASS Nesting
SASS Lighten() and Darken()

Responsive Background Images :
Responsive Background Images part1
Responsive Background Images part2

CSS Animations :
CSS Animations

Shapes and Text Wrapping :
Shapes and Text Wrapping

Lazy Loading :
Lazy Load Introduction
Lazy Load Implementation

Learn CSS Grid :
CSS Grid for Text and Images
CSS Named Grid Areas Introduction
CSS Named Grid Areas Small Screens
CSS Named Grid Areas Large Screens
Using Grid to build a Five Day Forecast

Touch Enabled Image Slider :
Image Slider using Slick Slider code

Building Information Cards :
Building Information Cards

Build a Mobile App with JSON data :
Mobile Application Design
Mobile Application JSON
Practice JSON part 1
Practice JSON part 2

Google Structured JSON Data :
Adding Structured Data to a local business page.