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Forex Trading A-Z – With LIVE Examples of Forex Trading

Forex Basics :
What is Forex?
Players on the Forex Market
A Forex Chart
Base & Quoted Currencies
Bulls & Bears
Short Selling
Forex Brokers
Forex Market Hours
Forex Basics
5 questions

Forex Acronyms and Jargon :
Ask and Bid Prices
What is Spread?
Pips and Points
5-Digit Quotations
What is a Lot?
What is Leverage?
Equity & Margin
What is a TakeProfit?
What is a StopLoss?
Order Types: Buy, Sell, BuyStop, SellStop, BuyLimit, SellLimit​
Forex Acronyms & Jargon
10 questions

Forex Analysis :
Three main types of Analysis
Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Forex Analysis
3 questions

Fundamental Analysis :
Reading the Economic Calendar
US Major News: Non-Farm & Unemployment - REAL Example
A Sample Strategy For Trading Forex NEWS
Fundamental Analysis
3 questions

Technical Analysis :
What you will get from this section
Trends and Flats
Support & Resistance Levels
Triangle Pattern
Fibonacci Levels!!
Moving Average Indicator
Forex Robots & Algorithmic Trading
Technical Analysis
10 questions

MetaTrader 4 :
Installing MetaTrader 4 & Opening a Demo Account
Navigating MetaTrader 4 - Part 1
Navigating MetaTrader 4 - Part 2

Calculating Risks the SMART Way :
How to calculate Pip Value
How to calculate Forex Risks
Calculating Risks the SMART Way
5 questions

Examples Using REAL Money :
EURUSD H4 Sell - LIVE Trade - Downward Channel
Trade Analysis: $56.24 Profit
GBPUSD M15 Sell - LIVE Trade - Moving Average
Trade Analysis: $39.62 Profit
AUDCAD H1 Buy - LIVE Trade - Channel + Moving Average
Trade Analysis: $22.74 Profit
AUDUSD H1 Sell - LIVE Trade - Fibonacci / Harmonic Pattern
Trade Analysis: $41.74 Profit
Trade Analysis: $13.64 Profit
BONUS Aug'2015: Live Trading - EURCHF & GBPCAD

Bonus Lectures :
BONUS: Something Special Only For Students Of This Course