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Fiverr Success: Freelance Home Business Income In Days

Introduction to this Course :
Fiverr: Using Fiverr to grow your Online Courses Business
Fiverr: Why you need to sign up for your Fiverr Account Immediately!
Please Introduce Yourself
Fiverr: Proof of my Earnings and Level One Seller Status
Level Two Status Achieved!!!
Fiverr: I am Here to Help, Ask Me Questions

Getting Started on Fiverr :
Getting Started on Fiverr
Fiverr: Optimising Your Fiverr Profile
Fiverr: How to Select Your Gigs
Fiverr- The Most Common Mistakes Made by New Fiver Sellers
Fiverr- The Most Common Mistakes Made by New Fiver Buyers

Fiverr Seller Levels and Update :
Fiverr: Understanding Seller Levels
Fiver Seller Levels: Update Nov 2017
Fiver Analytics - The Key to Seller Levels and Promotion
Seller Levels: Review Process Changes

Topic Selection on Fiverr :
Intial Topic Selection on Fiverr
Fiverr Strategy for my Voice Over Gigs
How to Exploit Niches to Grow Your Gig Sales

Fiver Directory - Search Excel Databases to Find Inspiration for Your Gigs :
How to Search the Excel Databases in the Fiverr Directory Files
Graphics and Design Directory
Music and Audio Directory
Video and Animation Directory
Business Directory
Writing and Translation Directory
Digital Marketing Directory

Creating Your First Fiverr Gig :
Fiverr: Creating Your First Gig
Fiverr: Creating Your Gig Title
Fiverr: Choosing Your Gig Category
Fiverr: Creating a Cover Photo for Your Gig
Fiverr: Adding Photos to Your Gig Gallery
Fiverr: Creating a Video for Your Gig
Fiverr: How to Optimise Gig Descriptions on Fiverr
Fiverr: Optimising Tags and SEO for your Gig
Fiverr: Choosing the Right Duration for your Gig
Fiverr: Adding Gig Extras, Multiple Offers and Custom Offers
Fiverr: Adding Any Relevant Instructions for Buyers
Fiverr: Creating My First Gig on Fiverr - Case Study
Fiverr- Please Consider Leaving a Rating and a Review

Fiverr: Examples of my Gig Videos :
Fiverr: How NOT to make Video for Your Fiverr Gig
Fiverr: My Promo Video for my Gig - "Take Two"
My Promo Video for my Second Gig
Fiverr: Fiverr: My Third Promo Video
Fiverr: My Fourth Gig Video
Fiverr: Promo Video created for my Fiverr Gig Offering this Course for $5
Promo Video for my Business Voice Over Gig
Promo Video for by Educational Voice Over Gig
Promo Video for my Real Estate Voice Over Gig
Promo Video for my Vintage Voice Over Gig
Time Out: I Would Love to Get Your Feedback on this Course

Fiverr: Case Studies - Are You Ready to Have Your Gig Featured here? :
Fiverr: Why Don't You Post Your Gig on Fiverr and then Tell Me About It
Fiverr Gig Review: Jeremy Deighan - Voice Over
MicheleAust Fiverr Gig Review

Handling Sales of Your Gigs :
Fiverr: Managing Your Sales on Fiverr
Fiverr: Maintaining a Daily Routine
Fiverr: Using the iPhone and Android Apps to Manage Your Fiverr Account
Fiverr: Asking for a Tip (nicely)
Fiverr: Communicating with Buyers and Deal with Cancellations
Bonus Lecture: Providing More Information to Your Buyers
Fiverr: Accepting Custom Orders and Making Custom Offers
Fiverr: Understanding Fiverr Analytics
Fiverr: Pausing Suspending and Going on Holiday
Avoid Messing Up When You Go On Holiday!
Fiverr: Avoiding Scammers and Other Pifalls
Fiverr: Leaving Feedback for your Buyers
Fiverr: Withdrawing Funds from Fiverr
Fiverr- How are you getting on with the Course?

Promoting Your Fiverr Gigs :
Fiverr: Promoting Your Gigs
Fiverr: Best Selling Package
Fiverr: What if I don't get any Sales?
Fiverr: Getting Featured on the Fiverr Homepage
Fiverr- Promoting your Gigs with a Badge on your Website

Wrap Up and Summary :
Fiverr: Course Wrap Up and Summary
Bonus Lecture: How I created a Promo Video for my Voiceover Gig

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