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First Web Application with Spring Boot

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course :
Step 00: 01-Introduction
Step 00: 02-Course Overview and Getting Setup with Eclipse, Maven and Java

Developing Web Application Step by Step with Spring Boot :
Step 01: Part 1 Basic Spring Boot Web Application Setup
Step 01: Part 2 Pom.xml, Spring Boot Application and application properties
Step 02: Part 1 First Spring MVC Controller, @ResponseBody, @Controller
Step 02: Part 2 Understanding HTTP Request Flow
Step 03: Demystifying some of the Spring Boot magic
Step 04: Redirect to Login JSP - @ResponseBody and View Resolver
Step 05: Show userid and password on welcome page - ModelMap and @RequestParam
Step 06: DispatcherServlet and Spring MVC Flow
Step 07: Your First HTML form
Step 08: Add hard-coded validation of userid and password
Step 09: Magic of Spring
Step 10: Create TodoController and list-todos view. Make TodoService a @Service
Step 11: Architecture of Web Applications
Step 12: Session vs Model vs Request - @SessionAttributes
Step 13: Add new todo
Step 14: Display Todos in a table using JSTL Tags
Step 15: Bootstrap for Page Formatting using webjars
Step 16: Let's delete a Todo
Step 17: Format Add Todo Page and Adding Basic HTML5 form validation
Step 18: Part 1 Validations with Hibernate Validator - Using Command Bean
Step 18: Part 2 Using JSR 349 Validations
Step 19: Updating a todo
Step 20: Let's add a Target Date for Todo - Use initBinder to Handle Date Fields
Step 21: JSP Fragments and Navigation Bar
Step 22: Preparing for Spring Security
Step 23: Initial Spring Security Setup
Step 24: Refactor and add Logout Functionality using Spring Security
Step 25: Exception Handling
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