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Udemy Firebase & Firestore Masterclass

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Kickoff - Development Environment Setup :
Serverless Angular with Firebase Course - Helicopter View
Recommended Software Versions
Firebase Course - Development Environment Setup
The Typescript Jumpstart Ebook
Setting Up our Firestore NoSQL Database

Introduction to the Firestore NoSQL Database :
The Firestore NoSQL Database - Documents and Collections
Firestore Root Collections vs Nested Collections
Querying Firestore Documents using the Firebase SDK
Understanding Firestore Auto-generated Document Identifiers
Querying Firestore Collections using the Firebase SDK

Angular Service Layers with AngularFire :
Setting Up AngularFire
Querying a Firestore Collection using AngularFire
The AngularFire API - snapshotChanges vs stateChanges
Querying and Displaying Data with AngularFire - The Home Component
AngularFire Observable Streams - An Important Feature
Firestore Queries and Performance Guarantees - orderBy and array-contains
Firestore Compound Queries - Understanding Firestore Indexes
Understanding Firestore Querying Constraints and Invalid Query Error Messages
The Course Component - Design Overview
Initial Implementation of the Course Screen - the Course Resolver
Course Component Lessons List - Querying a Nested Firestore Collection
Course Component Conclusion - Pagination and Loading Indicator
Firestore Data Modification Example - The Edit Course Dialog
Edit Dialog Component Implementation - Conclusion
Firebase SDK Offline Support - See it in Action
Understanding Firestore Batched Writes - An Example
Firestore Transactions - Transactions vs Batched Writes
Firestore Persistent Document References - An Example

Firebase Authentication :
Firebase Authentication - Section Introduction
Firebase UI In Action - Social Login plus Email and Password Authentication
Authentication with Firebase UI - Implementation Conclusion
The AngularFire Auth User Profile - a Practical Use Case
AngularFire Auth Service - Displaying a User Profile Picture

Firestore Security Rules Deep Dive :
Security in a Serverless Architecture - Introduction to Firestore Security Rules
Breaking Down the Firestore Security Rules Syntax
Security Rules Fundamentals - How do Security Rules Work?
Security Rules Fundamentals - Nested Rules and WildCards
Security Rules - Making Data Visible Only to Authenticated Users
Firebase Security Functions - an Example
Authentication with a Pre-Approved User List
User Authorization Roles - Admin Users vs Normal Users
Adding a Schema to Firestore Data using Security Rules
The Difference Between the Request and the Resource objects in Security Rules
Installing the Firebase Tools - Firestore Command Line Deployment

Firebase Hosting :
Firebase Hosting - Benefits & Quick Deployment Guide

Firebase Storage Deep Dive (File Upload) :
What is Firebase Storage? Learn its Key Features
File Upload with AngularFire - Step by Step Implementation
Implementing a File Upload Percentage Indicator with Angular Material
Get a Firebase Storage Revocable Download Url
Firebase Storage Security Rules - File Upload Conclusion

Firebase Cloud Functions Deep Dive :
Firebase Cloud Functions - Hello World
Firebase Cloud Function REST Endpoint with Express
Firebase Cloud Functions Local Emulator and Production Deployment
Implementing a Firestore Database Trigger with Firebase Cloud Functions
Firebase Cloud Functions - Automatic Document Counter Implementation
Firebase Cloud Functions - Implementing a File Upload Trigger
Download a File from Firebase Storage from inside a Firebase Cloud Function
Image Processing with ImageMagick from inside a Firebase Cloud Function
Image Processing of Thumbnail with Firebase Cloud Functions - Implementation
Image Processing with Firebase Cloud Functions - Demo

Conclusion & Bonus :
Other Courses
Bonus Lecture
Conclusions and Key Takeaways