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Find The Right IT Job – Linux, Coding, Networking or Storage

Course Outline :
Course Outline
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Information Technology :
Facts about Information Technology (IT)
What is Information Technology and How IT works?

Components of IT :
IT Components

Hardware :
What is Hardware
Examples of Computer
Computer Hardware Manufacturers
Hardware Jobs

Operating System :
What is Operating System?
Examples of Operating System
Operating System Jobs
OS Tools Related Jobs

Application/Software :
What is Application/Software?
Software Building Tools and Languages
Software/Application Building Jobs
Software/Application User Jobs

Networking :
What is Computer Networking?
Computer Network Companies
Network Jobs

Security :
What is Computer Security?
Security Companies
Security Jobs

IT Components Traffic Flow :
How Information Flow within IT

Enterprise Level IT Components :
Enterprise Level IT Components

Storage :
What is Storage?
Storage Companies and Technologies
Jobs in Storage

Database :
What is Database?
Database Type and Technologies
Database Jobs

Virtualization and Cloud :
What is Virtualization?
What is Cloud Technology?
Virtualization and Cloud Companies
Virtualization and Cloud Jobs

Management and Other IT Jobs :
IT Management Jobs
Other IT Jobs

Bonus :
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