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Financial Market Expert

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Basics of Capital Markets :
Basics of Financial Markets
Primary Market Instruments
IPO Terms
Draft Red Herring Prospectus
Primary Market vs Secondary Markets
Flow of Capital
Stock Market
Glossary-Basics of Capital Market

Macroeconomics :
The Economic System
Example of GDP Calculation
Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy
Getting Data
Why is it important to have a full understanding of Inflation?

Corporate Actions :
Introduction to Corporate Actions
Rights Issue
Stock Split
Stock Split Vs. Bonus: The Difference You Should Know

Mutual Funds :
Concept and Role of a Mutual Fund
Fund Structure and Constituents
Mutual Fund Products-1
Mutual Fund Products-2

Fundamental Analysis :
Fundamental Analysis & Equity Research
Porter's Five Forces and SWOT Analysis
Factors of Fundamental Analysis
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Income Statement Real Example
Important Part in Annual Report

Derivatives :
What are Derivatives?
Types of Derivatives Markets
Different Types of Derivative Participants
Forward Contract
Future Contract
Futures Terminologies
Futures Payoff
What are Options?
Call Options
Payoff from Call Options
Put Options
Payoff from Put Options
Moneyness of Options-1
Moneyness of Options-2
Factors affecting Options Premium
Black Scholes Model

Technical Analysis :
Philosophy of Technical Analysis-1
Philosophy of Technical Analysis-2
Price Over Time-1
Price Over Time-2
Volume and Open Interest-1
Volume and Open Interest-2
Dow Theory-1
Dow Theory-2
Dow Theory-3
Dow Theory-4
Dow Theory-5
Dow Theory-6
Trendlines, Supports and Resistances
Classical Chart Patterns-Introduction
Double Top and Double Bottom Patterns
Triple Top and Triple Bottom Patterns
Head and Shoulder Pattern and Inverse Head and Shoulder Pattern
Flags and Pennants
Symmetrical Triangle
Ascending and Descending Triangle Patterns
Cup and Handle Pattern and Inverse Cup and Handle Pattern
Bullish and Bearish Rectangular Chart Patterns
Glossary-Technical Analysis

How to Track Market? :
How to Track Market?
Newspaper Analysis