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Filmmaking Masterclass: Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film

Video Introducing this tutorial

What is Super 16mm Film? :
Introduction to Super 16MM
Why Shoot Super 16MM Film in Today's Digital World?
16mm vs Super 16mm

Breaking Down the Super 16mm Film Camera :
History of 16mm Camera - Old School
Arri SR Series Super 16mm Camera
Super 16mm Lenses: Choosing the Right One
Camera Accessories: Pimping Out Your Camera Package
Film Matte Boxes

Film Stocks, The Lab and Storage :
Understanding Filmstocks
How Film is Developed (Creating a Look at the Lab)
Film Stroage Techniques

Super 16mm Film: On Set :
Battle Planning: Shooting Film in the Real World
Light Meters
How to Load a Film Camera Magazine - Arri SR
How to Thread a Camera Mag
Film Changing Bags and Tents

BONUS: Indie Film Hustle Podcast :
How to Shoot Super 16mm Film with Egon Stephan Jr.
Cinema Lenses MasterClass with Matthew Duclos