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Federal Grant Writing 101

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Federal Grant Writing 101 :
Federal Grant Writing 101 Table Of Contents
1.3 MB
Welcome Message FGW101

2014 Updated Information on the Registration Process :
The Registration Process - Updated for 2014
2 pages
Registering as an Individual
2 pages
Registering as an Organization
1 page
Step 1: Obtain a DUNS Number for Your Organization
2 pages
Step 2: Register with
1 page
Step 3: Create a User Name and Password
1 page
Step 4: AOR Authorization
1 page
Step 5: Track AOR Status
1 page

Grant Research :
Federal Agencies Providing Grants
3 pages
How To Find Federal Grant Writing Opportunities
Types Of Federal Grant Writing Opportunities
Grant Research Quiz
3 questions

Understanding the Guidelines and the Peer Review Process :
How To Read A Notice Of Funding Availability
349.1 kB
Understanding The Federal Review Process
63.8 kB
Spotting Critical Information To Guide You
176.3 kB
Outlining The Grant Writing Requirements For Your Grant Application
Understanding the Guidelines and the Peer Review Process Quiz
5 questions

Finding Relevant Demographics :
American Fact Finder Tutorial For Researching Your Statement Of Need
1.8 MB
Links For State Departments Of Health And Agriculture Research
227.4 kB
Link For National Crime Statistics
344.6 kB
Finding Relevant Demographics Quiz
4 questions

Researching and Writing the Statement of Need :
Other Research Links For Your Statement Of Need Narrative
165.4 kB
Researching Your Statement Of Need
Writing Your Statement Of Need
Statement of Need Quiz
4 questions

Winning With the Program Design :
Program Design Narrative Components
How To Write Goals
84.1 kB
3 Types Of Objectives For A Winning Grant Proposal
110.5 kB
Implementation Strategies
Sample 3 Year Timeline Chart And Resources
264.1 kB
Logic Model Tutorial
88.7 kB
Making Your Logic Model Graphic
51.6 kB
Logic Model Example 2
25.8 kB
Management Plan
Sample Evaluation Plan
104.5 kB
Evaluation Plan Tutorial
52.0 kB
Organizational Capability Statement
43.6 kB
Program Design Quiz
14 questions

Summing Up Your Needs - Implementation Strategies - Evaluation Plan :
Abstract Or Executive Summary

Developing the Budget :
Sample Budget Worksheet
1.3 MB
Sample Budget 2year
41.0 kB
Federal Budget Forms And Instructions
219.1 kB

Filling In Required Forms :
How To Fill Out Federal Grant Application Forms Tutorial
92.9 kB
Sample Of Federal Grant Applications Certifications And Assurances
83.6 kB

Understanding Submission Requirements and the Course Review Summary :
Single Point Of Contract Requirements For Selected States
195.0 kB
Grant Submission Process And Course Review Summary

Examples of Funded Grant Applications :
Foundation Grant Proposal Narrative - Funded
11 pages
Government Grant Proposal Narrative - Funded