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Facebook Marketing with Animation 2017

Animation for Facebook. Why? :
Introduction to the animation for facebook course

Video Profile Picture :
Introduction Profile Video
Video Profile Picture with Zlatan and wheelchair
Animated Profile in Powtoon and Camtasia
Make your profile video square in Vont, an iPad app
Animated Video Profile Pics in Explaindio-examples
Explaindio examples, step by step
Make an animated Profile video in GoAnimate
Ring a bell, another GoAnimate Facebook profile
A Crab and Nightly Stars made in Video Scribe, a Whiteboard Animation Software
How to put your profile video on Facebook
Outsource for fast results
Examples for inspiration

Make animations for Facebook :
Introduction Fast and easy Video Content
Create Video Content with Powtoon
How did I make it step by step
Make a whiteboard animation message
Make whiteboard animation in VideoScribe step by step
How to use old black and white movies to stand out
Black and White Morning Message in Explaindio step by step
Make vertical animation for phones

Examples of the use of animation :
Introduction examples of animation
Steal like an artist
Examples of Content in the form of animation
Examples of super simple but viral videos

The easiest way: text on a moving background :
Introduction to the easiest way for animated video
The fastestway: text on a moving background
Finding an awesome free background, new source video site revealed
Made in Camtasia step by step
Made in Explaindio step by step

Apple Clips and Video memes :
Apple Clips: amazing!
Make your video square in Vont, an iPad app
Facebook Live with animation
Why does animation work? Facebook Live Recording
Video Editing for mobile devices

Captions and subtitles :
Introduction Why captions
How to make captions (free). Secret tip for Google docs
How to use a subtitling service like Rev
How to outsource subtitling to Fiverr

Conclusion and important Bonus lecture :
Conclusion and what next
Bonus lecture