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Explain Everything App Tutorial

Start Here :
What is Explain Everything?
Example Tutorial Video

Planning :
Planning Introduction
Materials to Get Started
Downloading Explain Everything
Editing Your Profile
Changing App Settings
Planning Your Videos
Planning Your Videos Quiz
4 questions
PROJECT: Planning Your First Project

Creating a Project :
Creating a Project Introduction
Navigating Explain Everything
Changing Backgrounds and Templates
Pen, Highlighter, and Fill Tools
Advanced Color Options
Shapes Tool
Fonts Tool
Insert Tool
Inserting Equations
Create Your own Clipart
Copy/Duplicate Tool
Delete, Laser Pointers, and Zoom Tools
Inspector Tools
Audio Recording
Saving and Exporting Your Project
PROJECT: Creating Your First Project

Editing :
Editing Introduction
Watch Me Create a Video (Creating and Saving)
Watch Me Create a Video (Editing and Exporting)
Watch Me Create a Video (Voiceover and Finishing)
PROJECT: Editing Your First Project

Hosting :
Hosting Your Video Introduction
Discover Feature on Explain Everything
Hosting Your Videos (Website and YouTube)
PROJECT: Hosting Your First Project

Course Conclusion :