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Excel PRO TIPS: 75+ Tips to go from Excel Beginner to Pro

Getting Started :
Course Structure & Outline
READ ME: Important Notes for New Students
DOWNLOAD: Course Resource Files
Setting Expectations

Excel Productivity Tips :
Customizing the Excel Footer
Navigating Excel Workbooks with CTRL Shortcuts
Accessing Excel Ribbon Tools with ALT Key Tips
Accessing Excel's "Go To" Special Options
Removing Blank Rows in Excel Worksheets
Creating Drop-Down Menus in Excel with Data Validation
Filling in Patterns with Autofill & Flash Fill
Customizing the Excel Ribbon Tools
Splitting Text to Columns in Excel
Synchronous Scrolling Across Multiple Excel Workbooks
Extracting Unique Values from a List in Excel
Using Named Range & Table References in Excel Formulas
Protecting Cells & Formulas in Excel Workbooks
Multi-Level Row & Column Sorting
Configuring Advanced Filter Criteria in Excel
QUIZ: Excel Productivity Tips
10 questions

Excel Formatting Tips :
Excel Formatting Shortcuts
Snapping Objects to the Excel Grid
Hiding Excel Workbook Elements
Replicating Formats & Styles with Excel's Format Painter
Color & Border Design Tips in Excel
Freezing Panes in Excel Worksheets
Centering Across a Selection
Creating an "Invisible" Format
Zip Codes & Phone Numbers
Grouping Worksheet Columns & Rows
Formatting Excel Errors with IFERROR
Converting Excel Text to Dates
Creating Dynamic Formats with Excel Formulas
Advanced Excel Number Formats
QUIZ: Excel Formatting Tips
10 questions

Excel Formula Tips :
Manual vs. Automatic Calculation Modes in Excel
Adding Line Breaks to Excel Formulas
Converting Units of Measurement with Excel Formulas
Building Real-Time Tools with TODAY & NOW Functions
Excel Formula Auditing Tools
Designing Pivot-Style Reports with Excel Formulas
Counting Words in Excel with LEN & SUBSTITUTE Functions
Configuring Dependent Drop-Down Menus with INDIRECT
Creating Custom Hyperlinks Between Excel Worksheets
Using Approximate Match VLOOKUP Functions
Randomizing a Selection with OFFSET & RANDBETWEEN Functions
Combining INDEX & MATCH Functions
Finding Matching Items Across Lists in Excel
Counting Duplicate Values with SUMPRODUCT
Using Many-to-Many Lookups in Excel
QUIZ: Excel Formula Tips
10 questions

Excel Visualization Tips :
Configuring Excel Chart Properties (Move & Size)
Managing Hidden Chart Source Data in Excel Worksheets
Visualizing Geospatial Data with Filled Maps (Excel 2016+ or Office 365)
Customizing Excel Charts to Tell a Story
Adding Sparklines to Worksheet Cells
Designing Custom Chart Templates in Excel
Building Excel Heat Maps Using Color Scales
Analyzing Distribution with Histograms
Goal Pacing with Custom Excel Gauge Charts
Highlighting Time Periods with Combo Charts
Configuring Dynamic Chart Source Ranges
Creating Interactivity with Excel Form Controls
QUIZ: Excel Visualization Tips
10 questions

Excel Pivot Table Tips :
Customizing the Pivot Table Field List
Autofitting Column Width in Pivot Tables
Pivot Table Outline & Tabular Layouts
Counting Non-Numerical Fields Using Pivots
Grouping & Ungrouping Dates with Pivot Tables
Enabling Multiple Pivot Table Filters
Grouping Values into Buckets with Pivot Tables
Adding Value Calculations to Pivot Tables
Configuring Pivot Table Errors & Empty Items
Configuring Pivot Table Slicers & Timelines
Advanced Pivot Table Conditional Formatting
Removing & Reviving Pivot Table Source Data
Adding Custom Sort Lists in Excel
Solve Order & List Formula Reports
QUIZ: Excel Pivot Table Tips
10 questions

Excel Analytics Tips :
Excel Quick Analysis Tools
Comparing Outcomes Using the Scenario Manager
Solving Simple Optimizations with Goal Seek
Creating Basic Forecasts in Excel
Building an Outlier Detection Tool in Excel
Generating Automated Data Tables
Connecting & Transforming Data with Power Query
Creating Relational Data Models in Excel
Accessing the Data Model with CUBE Functions
Building a Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel
Advanced Optimization with Solver
Excel Analysis ToolPak (Preview)
QUIZ: Excel Analytics Tips
10 questions

Wrapping Up :
Resources & Next Steps
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