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Excel Crash Course: Master Excel for Financial Analysis

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
CFI Intro
Table of contents
Instructor biography
Key learning objectives

Excel Layout :
Layout overview
Workbooks, worksheets, cells, & formula bar
The ribbon

Excel Settings :
Settings overview
Changing your settings

Basic Financial Analysis Setup :
Format, background, special numbers, column width, freeze panes
Paste special, font colors, format numbers, sum
Percentages, fill right, font colors, borders, view gridlines

Advanced Financial Analysis Setup :
Structure, organization, duplicate sheets, grouping
Anchoring cells, grouping
Naming cells, tracing precedents & dependents, auditing
Go to special, conditional formatting
Dynamic titles & headers

Basic Functions & Formulas :
Date fuctions and time periods
Sum, average, sumproduct, median
IF statements
Rounding and absolute fuctions
Min, max, small, large
IFerror, find and replace

Advanced Functions & Formulas :
Scenarios, choose, data validation
Vlookup, hlookup, index, match
Data tables and goal seek
Sumif, countif, if + and
Xirr and xnpv

Charts & Graphs :
Stacked column and line chart combined
Waterfall chart (Excel 2016)
Column, line, and pie charts

Macros :
Recording and using macros to seed up modeling

Wrap Up :
Download completed file and keep practicing