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Excel 365 Power Query – Get and Transform Data like a Pro

Getting started with Power Query - Connecting to data and simple transformations :
Getting started introduction
Module 1 Intro
What is Power Query
What is Power Query?
How to connect to Excel
Connect to an Excel workbook
How do I find my way around Power Query
Power Query Orientation
How do I connect to CSV or Txt file?
Connect to a CSV or Text file
How do I connect to web data
Connect to webdata
Activity Feedback
5 questions
Moving on
Combining Files and Simple data Transformations.
What are query setting properties and applied steps
Applied Steps
Why and how do I append queries?
How to append queries
Why and how to I merge queries?
How to merge queries
What do the different merge join types do?
The impact of merge types
How do I combine a folder containing Excel Files
Activity solution
5 questions

Working with Columns and Rows in Power Query tables :
Module 2 Introduction
Working with Columns and Rows in Power Query tables
How do I manage and work with columns in a power query table
Managing Columns
How do I replace values and fill data
How to fill up and fill down
How do I use filter or reduce rows
How to reduce rows
What are the data types and how do I change them
Data types
Activity feedback
5 questions
Moving on
Working with table transformations
How can I work with Text columns?
Text Columns
Grouping Data
How and when would you use Transpose
How can I pivot and unpivot data?
Pivot, unpivot and Transpose
Putting it together
Putting it all together
Activity Solution
5 questions

Advanced Data connections and more transformations :
Module 3 Introduction
adding columns
How do I add columns by example
How do I add custom columns
Adding columns by example
How do I add conditional columns
Adding Conditional Columns
How do I add index columns
Can I add other column types
Adding other columns
Activity solution
Activity 2 solution
6 questions
Moving On
more complex connections
How to I work with Records and Lists contained within columns of a dataset?
List Records
What is JSON Data?
How to connect to JSON Data from Excel
Connecting to JSON
How do I parse JSON Data in Power Query
Parse JSON
How can I get a list of file names and file details from a folder?
File names and details
How can I duplicate or Reference a query and how can I change the source data?
Removing duplicates
Activity 1
activity solution
Activity 2
Activity solution

M is for Mashup, the code of Power Query :
Module 4 introduction
An introduction to M
What is M and the Advanced editor
An introduction to M
How do I Read and Write M?
How do I create Lists and Records in M
How do I read and write M and how do I create lists and records
How can I use M on custom columns
Activity solution
activity solution
5 questions
Moving on
parameters and custom functions
What are parameters in Power query
How can I use parameters to filter a query
Filter parameters
What is a custom function in Power Query
Custom Function
How can I use a parameter table in Excel to drive queries
Parameters in Excel
Activity solution