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Everything for Software Tester

Video Introducing this tutorial

Table Structure - Customers :
Table Structure - Customers

Basics for SQL : For Database Testing :
Table Structure : Office
Setup Table and Data for Practice
All Videos and YouTube...! Good to Know
Select All data from table
Select data from few columns
Select Unique data from table
Group Functions
Select Data with Sorting
Select Data with where clause
Select Data with Conditional OR

Basics of Server Side Testing : Unix Commands :
Why Tester need to learn Unix ?
Basic Commands
Working with Log file
Process command
Data Backup commands
Working with Memory
File Permission

Bug Reporting and Test Management using ALM and JIRA :
SetUp ALM Account for Practice
Create Test Case
Report a new Defect

Work with JIRA :
Search Issues in JIRA
Report a new defect in JIRA

Java Basics : For Software Testers :
Eclipse basics
Start Java programming - Project & Package
Variables & Constant
Class & Object
Methods in details
Condition handling
For Loop
While Loop
For Each loop