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Etsy Domination Masterclass: Marketing, Sales & Social Media

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What is this class all about! :
Promo video
Welcome to your class
Course Navigation
Why I love Etsy
40 Free Listings

Earning Reports and Analysis :
$20,000 Lifetime Earning!
Earning proof
Shop #1 Earning Analysis
Shop #2 Earning Analysis
Shop #3 Earning Analysis

Grand opening & Getting Supplies :
Opening your etsy account

Shop Essentials :
Exploring Shop Manager
How to start a listing
Writing description that sells
Creating an amazing listing
Shop Makeover & Tranformation
Creating Digital Listing
First Etsy Sale

Ideas and inspiration :
My Story: How I got started on Etsy
Top 10 Reasons to Sell On Etsy
What can you sell
What sells on Etsy
What NOT to sell on etsy
Selling Ideas
Need Extra Help?
Your Assignment

Site Setup & Tips :
Pricing your product
Creating an etsy banner
Setting Featured Listings
Creating & Using: Etsy Coupon Codes
Reviews, coupons and shipping tips
Getting reviews
Crafting Supplies & Tools

Settings and Organization :
Setting Up Sections
Managing Multiple Shops
Setting Vacation Mode
Canceling a Transaction

SEO, Site Optimization +Hacks :
Create Multi- ‎Variation Listing
Multiple Keywords Listings
Keyword SEO Tool
SEO: Search Engine Optimization
SEO: Enhancing Listing
SEO: Keyword Hack
Ranking Etsy Listing

Product Photography Essentials :
Working with pictures
In Depth Picture Editing
How to take great pictures
Picture Tips and Tricks
Product Photography

Selling Vintage :
Creative Ideas: Selling vintage products
Finding Vintage & Collectibles
Creating a vintage listing
Top Ten: Products to Sell
Advanced Features
4 lectures
Etsy Studio helpful tips
Create an Etsy Website fast
Change Shop Name
Backing up shop & Listings
Marketing & Promotions: Etsy Promotional Tools
6 lectures
Running Sales & Discounts
Coupon Codes to promote your shop
Etsy promoted listings feature
Marketing to Favorites
Using badges to promote
Enable Engine Ads
Marketing & Promotions: External Methods
3 lectures
Business Cards Essentials
Business cards, magnets, hats and more
Promote your etsy shop with giving free samples
Social Media: Marketing your Etsy shop
4 lectures
Monetize Instagram
Twitter: Using twitter to promote your product
Pinterest: Promote your shop using boards
Pinterest: Creating, editing and marketing
YouTube: Marketing your Etsy Shop
4 lectures
Youtube: How to market your shop
Youtube #1: Writing titles descriptions
Youtube #2: All about thumbnails
Youtube #3: Using keywords & cards
Advanced Strategies
6 lectures
Tips to significantly improve your etsy sells
10 Ways to increase sales
10 Reasons why you NOT getting sales
Duplicate your listings! How and why do it
Social Media Promotions Tool
Domain Name Essentials
3 lectures
Become Etsy Affiliate
Community & Teams
Taxes and Bookkeeping
Exploring successful etsy shops
3 lectures
Case Study #1 LotusLeafCreations
Case Study #2 Beanforest
Case Study #3 Company 26 Megashop
Extra Goodies
2 lectures
Why you are not getting any sales!
Unique way to make money on etsy
1 lecture
Great job you completed this course
Bonus Content
1 lecture
Bonus: Additional Education