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Ethereum Developer: Build A Decentralised Blockchain App

Video Introducing this tutorial

We Want To Give You An Introduction To This Course Before Diving In :
Here’s What You’ll Achieve By Completing This Course
This Is How The Course Is Structured To Help You Achieve The Learning Goals
Just A Reminder To Let You Know The Technology Is Still In BETA

Lets Discuss The Blockchain Foundations As You’ll Be Building Upon This :
You May Be Wondering What The Blockchain Exactly Is So Let Me Explain
These Are The Differences Between A Public, Consortium & Private Blockchain
Lets Now Move Onto Covering Exactly What Smart Contracts Are

Ethereum Ecosystem - An Overview :
Intro: The Ethereum Ecosystem Of Frameworks, Apps and Tools
Let's Talk About Blockchain Nodes such as Go-Ethereum, Parity and CPP-Ethereum
Let's See How Websites Can Interact With The Blockchain
What Is Solidity Exactly?
We Talk About Remix - The Web-Based Solidity IDE
How Is Web3.js and Eth.js Connected To The Ecosystem
What Is Truffle and How Is It Different From Web3.js?
Is Anuglar, Vue.js, React or Redux Connected To Blockchain Development?
How Does Webpack or Browserify Fit Into This?
Here Is What You Have Learned In This Section

We Work With MetaMask :
Let's Introduce MetaMask and What You Can Do With It
This Is How You Install MetaMask
Let Me Show You Around In MetaMask
This Is How You Get Ether For The Rinkeby Test-Net
We Send Ether Around With MetaMask
This Is Exactly How MetaMask Is Interacting With The Browser
Let's Warp This Section Up

What Are DApps And How Do They Fit In The Ecosystem? :
This Is What We Are Talking About
This Is Ethereum On A Basic Level
Let's Talk About Unstoppable Applications
This Is How Solidity Works On A Basic Level
Let's Have A Look At A Practical Example How This Could Work
Why It's Important To Have Logic And Currency On The Same Blockchain
These Are Classical Examples For Distributed Applications
This Is How Access To The Blockchain Works
Here Is What You Learned In This Section

Let's Introduce Remix - The Web-Based Solidity IDE :
Let Me Introduce What You Will Learn
This Is The Remix Overview
This Is How You Add New Files And Browse Your Files In Remix
This Is The Main Editing Window
Let's Talk About The Contract Details In The Compilation Tab
All You Need To Know About Running Solidity Files in Remix
Let's Talk About The Log Window in Remix
I'll Show You The Debugging Functionality
Let Me Quickly Talk About The Static Analysis
Here You Can Get Further Support
Let Me Wrap It Up

Understand Ethereums Basics To Get Started With It :
Lets Discuss What Mist Is As Well As How It Works
You Must Be Made Aware Of What Ether And Accounts Are
Here’s How To Compile, Deploy And Instantiate Contracts
Lets Get Started With Configuring, Running & Working With The Go Ethereum Client
We Want To Now Cover Account Management And Mining
It’s Time To Understand The Different Phases Of Contract Deployment
We’re Now Going To Show You How To Interact With A Contract Once Its Deployed
So Now You’re Going To See The Exact Setup Process For A Private Network
Assignment #1 - Understand Ethereums Basics To Get Started With It

We Will Now Move Onto Covering All Aspects Of Solidity With You :
Here Are Contract Classes, Functions And Conditionals Explained
We Must Now Cover Inheritance And Abstract Contracts
You Must Understand Libraries So Lets Jump Into It
Types, Arrays, Structs and Mappings Are Something You Must Understand
Lets Now Jump Into Global Variables
Learn More About How Debugging Works With Us Here
Assignment #2 - We Will Now Move Onto Covering All Aspects Of Solidity With You
In This Section We’re Moving Onto Ethereum IDE, Web3 & Truffle

Here’s Your Introduction And Setup Instructions For Truffle :
Lets Now Show You The Communication Between Contracts and Websites
Lets Now Cover Web3 And Communication From HTML pages
It’s Time To Integrate Web3 And Angular.js
Assignment #3 - In This Section We’re Moving Onto Ethereum IDE, Web3 & Truffle

It’s Time To Move Onto The Implementation Of Web3 & Truffle :
Lets Now Work On Setting Up An Enviornment For Our App
We Will Now Setup Test Cases For Our App
Lets Define The Pages We Need For Example An Index Page
Let Me Show You How To List The Users Transactions
Here Is How To React To Events In Our App
Assignment #4: It’s Time To Move Onto The Implementation Of Web3 & Truffle

Let Us Now Round This Course Up Before Concluding :
Here’s An Example Of The App You Should’ve Now Created
Let Us Now Outline Your Next Steps Having Completed This Course
Bonus Lecture: Next Steps To Take

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