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Ethereum : Decentralized Application Design & Development

Blockchain foundational concepts :
Recent Course Updates
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Evolution of Blockchain
Blockchain 101
Ethereum 101

Ethereum Blockchain & Using the wallet for interacting with Network :
Ethereum Decentralized Applications
Ethers, Gas & EVM
Ethereum Networks & Blockchain explorers
Hashing functions, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake
Decentralized Applications
9 questions
Wallet installation, working, mining & send transactions
Ethereum Wallet: Mining and Sending Ethers
Ether Faucets : Getting Free Test Ethers
Ethereum Wallet Installation on Mac OS
Externally Owned accounts and contract accounts
Managing Contracts with Wallet
Ethereum Wallets & Transactions
6 questions
Exercise: Deploy & Interact with contracts
Meta Mask
Official online Wallet:
Browser Solidity for developing contracts
Exercise: Execute Contracts using Meta Mask

Ethereum Clients, Network & Geth :
PLEASE Read: September 19, 2017 : Byzantium HARD Fork in Testnet
PLEASE READ before proceeding (ROPSTEN Revival)
Ethereum Networks & Clients
Geth - the Ethereum Go Client
Geth CLI - Setting up the client for Testnet (1 of 5 )
Geth CLI - Setting up the Private Dev Network (2 of 5)
Ethereum client - setting up geth for Testnet & Private Dev Network
7 questions
Geth CLI - Setting up the IPC/JSON/WS-RPC (3 of 5)
Ethereum client - setting up the IPC/JSON/WS-RPC
6 questions
Ethereum Client - Javascript Console (4 of 5)
Ethereum client - Javascript Console
4 questions
Geth CLI - (5 of 5)
Geth CLI - Accounts & Miner
6 questions

Geth Javascript Management API :
Javascript Dapp & Management API overview
Javascript API - admin
Javascript API - admin
4 questions
Javascript API - personal
Ethereum client - Account command and options
4 questions
Javascript API - miner
Javascript API - personal & miner
4 questions
Javascript API - Nonces, txpool
Javascript API - Nonces & txpool
4 questions
Javascript API - debug

web3 Javascript API :
Please READ : web3 Sample Application + Zip Password
web3 JS Overview
Setup the Dapp development environment
Web3 Workbench - Sample DAPP
1. Setup web3 and connecting to node
2. Web3 Version & Node Status API
web3 API: Setup and Node status
4 questions
Exercise: Extend the doGetNodeStatus()
3. Account list and balances API
4. Account unlocking and send transaction API
web3 API: Account list, unlock, transactions
5 questions
web3 API: Send Transactions and Transaction object
6 questions
5. Solidity code compilation using SOLC and Web3 API
6. Contract deployment to network
web3 API: Smart contracts compilation & deployment
7 questions
7. Contract invocation
8. Events and Logs
9. Filter, Watch & Logs API
10. Watch and Get with contract API
Web3 : Contract & Events
5 questions
Exercise: Create a front end application for the Interact.sol

Getting ready to write Solidity contracts :
Setting up the contract development environment
1. Truffle: Setting up a project
2. Truffle & TestRPC: Coding the smart contracts
3. Truffle: Deploying contracts to Ethereum networks
Developing contracts using Truffle & TestRPC
5 questions
Exercise: Using the Truffle Framework

Ethereum smart contract development using Solidity :
1. Solidity Contract Layout
1. Solidity Contract Layout
4 questions
2. Basic data type and conversions
2. Basic data type and conversions
10 questions
3. Data location (Keywords:memory, storage)
3. Data location (Keywords: memory, storage)
7 questions
4. Arrays
4. Arrays
5 questions
Coding Exercise V1 :Basic types, Arrays, Storage location
5. Special Arrays
5. Special Arrays
17 questions
6. Introduction to functions
6.Introduction to functions
9 questions
Coding Exercise V2: Create version 2 of betting contract
7. Globals variables & functions, exceptions and crypto
Coding Exercise V3: Global variables
7. Globals variables & functions, exceptions and crypto
14 questions
8. Mappings, Enumerations and Structs
8. Mappings, Enumerations and Structs
14 questions
Coding Exercise V4: Enum, Mapping & Struct
9. Object Orientation
9. Object Orientation
10 questions
10. Variable and Function visibility
10. Variable and Function visibility
8 questions
11. Constants, Fallback functions & Payable
11. Constants, Fallback functions & Payable
10 questions
Coding Exercise V5: Constants and Payables
12. Function modifiers
Coding Exercise V6: Modifiers
13. Events
13. Function modifiers & Events
6 questions
Coding Exercise V7: Events
Coding Project: Your End-to-end Calculator Dapp

Contract Design Patterns :
Contract Self Destruction Pattern
Factory Contract Pattern
Name Registry Pattern
Mapping Iterator Pattern
Exercise: Optimize the Mapping Iterator pattern
Sending ethers from contract: Withdrawal pattern
Setting up a Private Blockchain Network
Project #1 Decentralized Bidding Application Contract
Project #2 Decentralized University Certification Management Application

Implementing an ERC20 Token :
ERC20 Token Specifications
(Part 1) Walkthrough of ERC20 compliant token implementation
(Part-2) Walkthrough of ERC20 compliant token implementation

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