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Essentials in JavaScript ES6 – A Fun and Clear Introduction

Introducing the Course :
Introducing the Course
Introducing the Instructor
Presenting ES6
Installing a Code Editor
Setting Up With Node
Getting the Source Code

Setting Up ES6 Tools :
Why We Need Babel
How Babel Works
Benefits of Webpack
Setting Up With Webpack
Setting Up With Webpack (extra notes)
Webpack-ing Babel
Break: Babel and Webpack

Coding New ES6 Syntax :
Getting Help With Code
Variable Scoping with Let
Let's Scope 'lets'
1 question
Constant-ly Scoping
Can we manipulate constants?
1 question
Template Literals/Strings
Mastering Template Literals & ES6 Strings
1 question
Coding Break: New ES6 Syntax

Operating and Destructuring :
Understanding the Spread Operator
Butter Spread
1 question
Destructuring Assignment - Arrays
Destructuring the Fellowship (Array)
2 questions
Destructuring Assignment - Objects
Destructuring Animals (Objects)
2 questions
Coding Break: Operating and Destructuring

ES6 Functions and Methods :
Arrow Functions
Arrow Functions Ignoring This
Archery (Arrow Functions)
1 question
Helping With the Map Method
Scaling Maps (Map Helper Method)
1 question
Filtering in ES6
Filtering For Stars (Filter Helper Method)
1 question
Coding Break: Functions and Methods

Modules in ES6 :
Exporting Values
Exporting Expressions and by Default
Exports and Imports (Modules)
3 questions
Break: Modules

ES6 Classes :
Presenting Object-Oriented Programming
Setting Up an ES6 Class
ES6 Classes
2 questions
Inheritance in ES6 Classes
Inheriting Powers (Class Inheritance)
1 question
Break: Classes

Extending Upon ES6 with React :
JSX in ES6
ES6 Promises and More React
ES6 JSX and Promises
2 questions
Overview: Extending Upon ES6 With React

Concluding the Course :
Final Remarks
Bonus Lecture: In-Depth ES6 and ES7 Course!
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