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ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developers Guide

Video Introducing this tutorial

Before We Get Started :
How to Take This Course
ES6 vs ES2015

The 'forEach' Helper :
Array Helper Methods - The Easiest Way to Write Better Code
The forEach Helper
forEach Continued
Why Use forEach?
Moving Away from For Loops
1 question
Processing Values
1 question

The 'map' Helper :
The Map Helper
Map Helper Continued
Where Map Is Used
Plucking Values
1 question
Calculating Values with Map
1 question
Really Hard - Implementing 'Pluck'
1 question

The 'filter' Helper :
Selecting Needed Data with Filter
More on Filtering
Choosing When to Filter
Filtering Values
1 question
Handling Permissions with Filter
1 question
Challenging! Implementing 'reject'.
1 question

The 'find' Helper :
Querying For Records with Find
Find Continued
Using Find to Search for Users
Finding Admin Users
1 question
What's Your Balance?
1 question
Really Challenging: Custom findWhere Helper
1 question

The 'every' and 'some' Helper :
A Little Every and a Lot of Some
More on Every and Some
Every and Some Syntax
Every and Some in Practice
Finding Submitted Users
1 question
In Progress Network Requests
1 question

The 'reduce' Helper :
Condensing Lists with Reduce
A Touch More of Reduce
Ace Your Next Interview with Reduce
Distance Traveled
1 question
Reducing Properties
1 question
Hardmode: Custom 'Unique' Helper
1 question

Const/Let :
Variable Declarations with Const and Let
What Const and Let Solve
A Constant Exercise of Letting Variables Be Variables
1 question
Const/Let Refactoring
1 question

Template Strings :
Template Strings
When to Reach for Template Strings
Template Strings in Practice
1 question
Name Helpers
1 question

Arrow Functions :
Fat Arrow Functions
Advanced Use of Arrow Functions
When to Use Arrow Functions
When to Use Arrow Functions Continued
Refactoring Keyword Functions
1 question
Arrow Functions Aren't Always a Solution
1 question

Enhanced Object Literals :
Enhanced Object Literals
Wondering When to Use Enhanced Literals?
Multiple Properties with Enhanced Notation
1 question
Condensing Code with Enhanced Literals
1 question
Literals in Functions
1 question
Refactor to use enhanced literal notation
1 question

Default Function Arguments :
Specifying Default Function Arguments
Use Cases of Defaulting Arguments
Using Default Arguments
1 question
Dumping Unused Code
1 question

Rest and Spread Operator :
Capturing Arguments with Rest and Spread
The Rest on Rest and Spread
Look to Use Rest and Spread in This Case
Many, Many Arguments
1 question
Spreadin' Arrays
1 question
Mixing Rest and Spread
1 question

Destructuring :
Goldmine of ES6: Destructuring
Destructuring Arguments Object
Destructuring Arrays
Destructuring Arrays and Objects *At the Same Time*
So...When to Use Destructuring?
More on When to Use Destructuring
Destructuring in Practice
1 question
Array Destructuring in Practice
1 question
Recursion with Destructuring
1 question

Classes :
Introduction to Classes
Prototypal Inheritance
Refactoring with Classes
Extending Behavior of Classes
When to Use Classes
Game Classes
1 question
Subclassing Monsters
1 question

Generators :
One Quick Thing: For...Of Loops
Introduction to Generators
Generators With a Short Story
Another Step in Our Generator Story
The Big Reveal on ES6 Generators
A Practical Use of ES6 Generators
Delegation of Generators
Delegation of Generators Continued
Symbol.Iterator with Generators
Complexities of Symbol.Iterator
Generators with Recursion
More on Generators and Recursion

Promises and Fetch :
Code Execution in Javascript
Terminology of Promises
Creating Promises
Then and Catch
Async Code with Promises
Ajax Requests with Fetch
Shortcomings of Fetch