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ES6 in Motion

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome :
History and Feature Compatibility

Arrow Functions :
Introducing Arrow Functions
What Do These Arrow Functions Do
Arrow Functions versus Function Declarations
Computing Tax With A For Loop
Array Mapping With Arrow Functions
Caveat Object Literals From Arrow Functions
Concision Key Takeaways

This :
The Magic Of This
The Secret This Tunnel
Wishing This Were Lexically Bound
The Self Workaround To This
Understanding This Binding
Fixing This With Bind
Lexical This With Arrow Functions
Caveat With Bind Call and Apply
Lexical Takeaways

Block Scoping :
Where Do You Prefer To Declare Variables
Block vs. Function Scope
Block Scoping With Let
Inadvertent Clobbering
Global Variable Pollution
No More IIFEs
Why You Should Declare Closer To Usage Now

Strings :
String Enhancements
Cloning and Opening The WebStorm Project
Why WebStorm Helps
Template Literals
Complex Expressions in Template Literals
Multiline Template Literals
Getting Functional and Injecting Multiline Expressions
Tagged Template Literals

Destructuring :
Object Literal Enhancements
From Literals To Patterns
Visualising Object Literals and Patterns
Array Patterns
The Key Is The Structure Of The Pattern
Pattern Mismatches
Destructuring Object Properties with a Custom Variable Name
Pattern Matching with Assignments
The Rest Parameter
Pattern Matching with Function Parameters
Safe Failures Provide Optional Matching
Don't Get Crazy
The Pattern Structure Is The Key
Takeaway Challenge

Defaults :
Patterns Everywhere
Default Parameter Values
For Of Loops and Array Prototype Entries
Default Values in Destructuring
Default Values with Arrow Function Parameters
Destructuring Defaults With Arrow Functions
Default Referring To Other Parameters And Variables
Scope For Defaults

Iteration :
Why Iterables
Custom Query Iteration
Refactoring To The Iterator Protocol
Refactor To Multiple Iterators
Refactor To The Iterable Protocol
The For Of Loop Works On Iterables
The Rest Operator Works on Iterables
The Spread Operator Works On Iterables
Cleaning Up Iterables with Return

Generators :
Generating Positive numbers with an Iterator
Generators Simplify Iterators
Generator Objects are Iterable and Iterators
Debugging A Generator
A Generator Is Like A Series Of Functions
A Days Generator
Refactoring The Person Query To A Generator

Promises :
Introducing Promises and Fetch
Chaining Serial Async Operations Without Nesting
Concise Async With Arrow Functions
Catching Errors
Understanding Error Fall Through
Recovering From Async Errors
Catching Thrown Errors Too
Consuming Versus Producing Promises
Callbacks with setTimeout
Postulating A Promise-Based Delay
Wrapping setTimeout with a Promise

Generator Control Flow :
Generators Meet Promises
Passing Data When Resuming Generators
Yielding Promises
Generator Control Flow With Delay

Classes :
Syntactic Sugar
Instance Methods
Prototype Methods
WebStorm Refactor Constructor Function to Class
Class Declarations Are Not Hoisted
Static Methods
Inheritance and Prototypes
Prototype Chains
Extending Classes

Modules :
Module Syntax
The Need For Modules
ES6 Module Syntax
Module Loading
jspm init
Loading Modules With SystemJS
Resources For Further Learning

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