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Erlang Programming for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Introduction to the Course

What Is Erlang? :
Introduction To Erlang
Features of Erlang
Erlang Facts and Code Samples
Installing Erlang
Erlang Syntax
Creating Functions and Calling Functions From Modules
Logical Comparisons and Tuples
Creating And Compiling An Erlang Program
Conditional Flow and Looping
Working With Process IDs
Section Summary

List - The Core of Erlang :
Introduction to Section
Lists and Recursion
Lists Comprehensions
List Comprehensions and Pattern Matching
Types and Type Conversions
Section Summary

Exception Handling :
Introduction to Section
Exception Handling
Try of Catch
Exception Classes
Section Summary

Records :
Introduction to Section
Expanding A Record
Section Summary
Course Summary
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Bonus Material :
Bonus Lecture: Course Discounts